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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lady Dottie and the Diamonds at Funhouse

posted by on October 28 at 13:17 PM

dottie.jpgLady Dottie and the Diamonds are the 60 year old Dorothy Mae Whitsett and a band of knowing and able rock musicians doing their high energy take on the blues. See - Segal review. Whitsett whales and hangs beer for beer with the youngsters. She’s a real deal woman of the blues. She’s a gem, or diamond I should say. They have a residency in their hometown of San Diego and people come out every week in droves.

Whitsett is Dottie. She and the band were recently in New York City for the CMJ Music Marathon. Sam Fogarino, the drummer for Interpol, ran over to her and wanted to take pictures, gushing about how great her album is. She hugged him and took photos, promptly knocking back sturdy cold beers.

When Fogarino left, Dottie’s label manager from Hi-Speed Soul asked, “Do you know who that was?”

Dottie replied, “No who was that?”

“That was the drummer of Interpol,” the manager said, “One of the biggest indie bands out there right now!” And she laughed in a laugh you can only describe if you’ve heard it.

Then she said, “Hell yeah,” and sang the chorus to her song, soon “We’ll Be Livin’ It Up”!

Dottie is beyond real. A relic that’s here and now, who mixes it up with a smile on her face.

When the band had their CD release at the Casbah in San Diego, they pulled up in the van and there was a line around the block. Dottie asked who everyone was there to see. The band said, “You Dottie!”

“Yeah, I know they’ll see us,” she said, “But who’s headlining?”

The band had to tell her all the people were there to see her. She’s a classic. A ripened, perfect woman of the rock and roll blues:

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she sounds like a man, the keyboard playa is annoying, and interpol is not one of the biggest indie bands out there this year. maybe in 2002.

Posted by reality chack | October 29, 2008 9:39 AM

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