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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Trucks Last Seattle Show

posted by on October 11 at 14:16 PM


After five years of busting up dance floors across America the Trucks have decided to call it a day. Tonight at Chop Suey will be their final Seattle performance, followed by one more show in Portland on November 7th and a finale in Bellingham the following night. The Trucks are living proof that if you are motivated enough you don’t necessarily have to be a great musician to start a hit band, you can just learn how to play as you go along (having your band consist of four attractive ladies may help expedite the process, however). Strangely enough, the first time I met Kristen and Marissa was the night before the Trucks first show, at a friend’s apartment in Bellingham. They told me they were starting a band, and that they were going to go on tour and be famous. I took their delusions of grandeur with a grain of salt and agreed to go check them out the next day on the Western campus. They told me they had written a song about Marissa’s ex-boyfriend, my audio recording teacher at Fairhaven, and how he refused to pleasure her orally. I was intrigued. At this point the band had no drummer, only simple casio beats, and it was pretty clear Kristen was the only member who actually knew how to play music. Regardless, they were charming and fun and full of promise, and before long my audio recording teacher was at the show too, standing next to me. Their closing song was the one about him, and as they all chirped, “Why the fuck won’t you go down on me?” I looked over to find his head sinking farther and farther into his hands. It was a priceless moment I’ll keep with me forever. Thanks Trucks, you’ve been all sorts of fun.

Tonight is also a CD release show for A Gun That Shoots Knives. They promise new costumes and fun surprises. Awesome opens.

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Hello Truck Fans!!!

Very cool... stages and pictures and music.

Do you want to here somethiong REALLY amazing?

The King County Library system is SO up to date that MY portal to The Stranger SLOG comes up LIVE ONLINE with the TIME of 12:15PM... on it's updated entry position, yeah, and now it's 5:38 pm ...


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You can go to his forums site on his web site and read some very tame and clever politics from my reading of the Kirkland Reporter, October 8th, 2008 editon on John Carlson's amazing voter siggestion for Proposition 1.

That's all. Just some good hints and tips and self preservation on my part.

Please forgive the off topic use of your cool coool cccooooooolllllllll picture.

P.S., be sure to listen for the little "mans" voice in your head from the library emergancy broadcaster announcers voice... if your a good little American, you might get something "extra" in your Christmas envelope!!!!

Posted by danielbennettkieneker | October 11, 2008 5:40 PM

I had no idea this band was breaking up, but THANK GOD. I had to sit through their set before Girl Talk at last year's CHBP. (That was them, right?) Fucking terrible. One gimmick thrown at me after another, nothing substantial whatsoever. Farefuckingwell.

Posted by Nick | October 14, 2008 8:38 PM

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