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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tonight in Music: Legendary Pink Dots, Rob Castro, Paper Dolls

posted by on October 18 at 9:00 AM

Legendary Pink Dots - “M’era Luna”
Legendary Pink Dots
(El Corazón) Anglo-Dutch goth-psychedelic group Legendary Pink Dots have been haunting the musical fringes for 28 years, accumulating a significant, cultish fan base despite little commercial airplay and releases on small labels. Through the band’s staunch devotion to their brand of pastoral, spacey, polyglot rock and vocalist Edward Ka-Spel’s dramatic, enervated spiels, LPD appeal to melancholy dreamers. Ka-Spel’s voice bears a Syd Barrett–like lugubriousness that complements LPD’s rambling, oft-disorienting excursions into the Floydian slipstream. This tour is in support of LPD’s new disc, Plutonium Blonde (ROIR), which offers the group’s usual panoply of moods and styles, most of them fairly spectral and disturbing. DAVE SEGAL


Rob Castro, DIMMAK
(King Cobra) Rob Castro has a hand in much that happens in the local hiphop scene. He has a hand in The Corner at the Rendezvous, in Grayskul, in the new and excellent Gigantics record, in the legendary Silent Lambs Project, in Blak, the Saturday Knights, Seattle Suicide Riots, and Mr. Hill. And this is by no means the end of his accomplishments. The owner of Beacon Hill–based ATB Studios, Castro has played a central role in developing the dark, gothic sound that defines one of the four main streams of local hiphop. His Living Room Prophets CD is hard to find, but worth the search. CHARLES MUDEDE

Click here to listen to Rob Castro (via MySpace).


The Chemicals, Pure Country Gold, the Bill Collectors, Paper Dolls
(Sunset) What a throwdown of tasty Northwest garage! We got local punkers the Paper Dolls, who consist of ex-Glory Holes/Stuck-Ups members, and the Bill Collectors, who have this night’s most solid ’60s vibe, nodding also to Iggy, his Ashetons, and a Williamson, plus, um, their song called “Pay Your Bills.” Nice… so, it’s like a theme song without repeating their band name between a bunch of “hey hey” and “woah oh” bits. WOW! Then from Portland, the Chemicals, who play ’70s punk in the fine Killed by Death style, and Pure Country Gold with smokin’ solid Oblivians-style, bent-black R&B rave-ups. FUCKING whoooo-WHEEE! MIKE NIPPER

Paper Dolls - “Maybe Never

And, as always, all the rest of tonight’s shows can be found in our online music listings.

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castro has a hand in mr.hill? growse!

Posted by lar | October 18, 2008 12:49 PM


Did that show end up actually happening?

Posted by Katelyn | October 20, 2008 2:15 PM

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