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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tonight in Music: Parts and Labor, Lou-Lou, Shudder to Think, Wild Orchid Children, Eagles of Death Metal

posted by on October 30 at 9:35 AM

Parts & Labor (playing the Vera Project tonight) got some love in this week’s Underage column—Casey Catherwood examines the possibilities for tonight’s show, given that Parts and Labor’s new record seems to take their sound in a new direction. “Will they still be as grinding and grating as in the past? Will the more straightforward studio sounds of Receivers receive the old, noisy Parts & Labor makeover live? Or does the album signal a new direction for the band?”

Lou-Lou also perform tonight (at the Mix Gallery). In Data Breaker, Dave Segal describes them as “a Seattle trio who concoct low-budget electronic music that’s playful and weird, but without coming across as contrived.”

And from this week’s Up & Comings:

Eagles of Death Metal - “I Want You So Hard (Boys Bad News)”
Eagles of Death Metal
(Neumos) I’m normally immune to the charms of new American hard rock. But somehow Eagles of Death Metal have snaked their way into my cold, brittle heart. It could be because EODM have a sense of humor about their stock in trade in these post-post–This Is Spinal Tap days. They seem to be slyly winking with every lyrical sexual innuendo, machismo-laden riff, and clap-enhanced drum beat. The title of their new album, Heart On, exemplifies the band’s gauche gumption. EODM’s Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes and Josh “Baby Duck” Homme put their manic, metallic, ZZ Top–like blues riffs through the Rolling Stones’ sexily torqued rhythms, snarl and falsetto their way into your libido, and then make you sleep in the sonic wet spot—which you do, gladly. DAVE SEGAL
Shudder to Think - “Hit Liquor”
Shudder to Think, the Dead Science, Capillary Action
(Showbox at the Market) Shudder to Think were something of an anomaly in the late-’80s/early-’90s D.C. punk/hardcore scene where they came of age and released a string of records for esteemed independent label Dischord. In a DIY world that forgave or even rewarded amateurism, Shudder to Think emphasized virtuosity, and frontman Craig Wedren sang with what was for their milieu an uncommonly refined, operatic style. Wedren successfully battled Hodgkin’s disease, the band petered out in the late ’90s, and since then he’s released a solo album and contributed vocals to a dizzying variety of projects, from Mirwais’s electro-disco cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You” to Wet Hot American Summer’s epic cheese-rock soundtrack to openers the Dead Science’s recent Villainaire. This reunion is the band’s first tour since 1998. ERIC GRANDY
Wild Orchid Children - “To You, Oh Lord”
Wild Orchid Children, Navigator vs. Navigator, Bronze Fawn,
(Comet) After being somewhat underwhelmed by my initial impressions of Wild Orchid Children’s The Elephants EP, the band’s set at Cha Cha during last summer’s Block Party downright blew my shit away. Every member ruled his respective instrument, and the frayed-edges blues with grinding organ, unhinged vocals, heavy drumming, and impressive guitar work combined for one of the best acts of the whole festival. It doesn’t hurt, either, that these dudes are some serious showmen—front man Kirk Huffman jumps and thrusts about with the best of them, and guitarist Thomas Hunter shreds like he’s possessed by some otherworldly rock ‘n’ roll force. This band is destined to do great things. GRANT BRISSEY

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