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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight in Music: The Dead C, Cappadonna, Hey Marseilles

posted by on October 15 at 11:44 AM

The Dead C play Nectar tonight. What do the Dead C sound like? In this week’s Interrogation, Dave Segal asked the band’s Bruce Russell the same question:

The Dead C are largely unknown in the U.S. (and throughout most of the world). I could say you sound like the Velvet Underground’s most scabrous feedback blown up and improvised into mantras of morbid malevolence, crossed with the early Fall’s relentless repetition and ramshackle production values. But that may be oversimplification. How do you describe your sound to people who’ve never heard the Dead C?

You really can’t do this easily. I think your reference points are good enough, if you are talking to a well-schooled music fan. I try to explain that we look and sound like a rock band making the most cacophonous racket you can imagine—but really we’re something else. Our music is pretty well 100-percent improvised using rock instrumentation, but it’s almost completely unmusical, certainly devoid of melody. If you imagine rock music is like landscape painting, our work is extreme abstraction.

Listen to “Hell Is Now Love” by the Dead C:

Also tonight, from this week’s Up & Comings:


Cappadonna, Spaceman, Fatal Lucciauno, DJ SwerveWon
(Chop Suey) Cappadonna never made it to the core of Wu-Tang Clan. Though his career, which began in 1995 with a guest appearance on one of the best hiphop tracks of that period, “Ice Cream,” owes everything to the RZA, it always orbited rather than constituted the Clan’s dark and once-fertile planet. Cappadonna’s solo CD, The Pillage, was released after Wu-Tang Forever—after the Wu-Tang went into decline (the Clan’s peak occurred from 1993 to 1997). The Pillage is not a part of the Wu-Tang canon, and there’s nothing remarkable about Cappadonna’s style. He is not crazy like Ol’ Dirty Bastard or intellectual like GZA or a superhero like Method Man. Cappadonna is just Cappadonna. So, why this tour? Because where he goes, he will surely find a market of Wu nerds. CHARLES MUDEDE

Watch the video for “Run” by Cappadonna (via YouTube).

The Builders and the Butchers live at the Moore
The Builders and the Butchers, Hey Marseilles
(Neumos) Hey Marseilles share some members with Seattle’s surprisingly adept Anniversary knockoffs Man Down Medic, but they set their sights on another sound with this act. Namely, their debut full-length, To Travels and Trunks, finds the band stowing away on Beirut’s international freighter—not only for its allusions to scenic world traveling, but also for its lush orchestration, which is marked by string sections, trumpet, and accordion. But bandleader Matt Bishop has a far more straightforward, articulate, and upbeat pop vocal style, and his lyrics read less like they’re scrawled on postcards than carefully composed in marble-bound notebooks. They’re currently looking for a new drummer, and their ad says they value “women, mustaches, chops, experience, old clothes, jazzy drumming, multi-instrumentalists, intelligence, history books, free markets.” ERIC GRANDY

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i'd agree that there's nothing really remarkable about cappadonna, but that makes it all the more surprising that he completely stole the show on ghostface's "winter warz."

Posted by douglas martin | October 15, 2008 12:23 PM

hey eric, what the hell is jazzy drumming? I know what jazz drumming is? Does it mean the drummer looks like he/she is making sandwiches when playing?

Posted by jim | October 15, 2008 12:26 PM

I think it involves having a goatee, a beret, shades, a "jazz cigarette" dangling out of your mouth, and saying stuff like "cool, daddy-o" and "dig it" in between songs. I think. Sandwiches?

Posted by Eric Grandy | October 15, 2008 12:45 PM

i always read that name as "hey mercedes" and get excited for a second. but if they are an anniversary knock off, maybe i should be getting excited?!

Posted by alithea | October 15, 2008 10:54 PM

word is that Cappacino cancelled. Oh, Donna!

Posted by lar | October 16, 2008 5:41 PM

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