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Friday, October 3, 2008

Tonight in Music: Why?, John in the Morning at Night, Gutter Dandy Gala, Jamie Lidell

posted by on October 3 at 10:45 AM

Jamie Lidell - “Another Day”

Tonight’s Jamie Lidell/Janelle Monae concert at the Showbox got some attention in both Data Breaker and My Philosophy this week. Dave Segal says: “Lidell used to be soul’d and out; now he’s just sold out.” Larry Mizell says: “The real reason (you need to go to the show) is Lidell’s opener, Bad Boy–signee Ms. Janelle Monae (best known for her vocal work on Outkast’s Idlewild), who came to Nectar a few weeks ago and absolutely annihilated shit.”

Orkestar Zirconium Pub Crawl (from last Halloween)
Gutter Dandy Gala: Orkestar Zirconium, Hot Grits!
(Free Sheep Foundation) The Free Sheep Foundation is becoming a nexus of the R&D wing of Seattle culture. It occupies decrepit buildings that are about to be demolished—a fleabag motel on Aurora, a doomed apartment building, and now an abandoned single-story building in Belltown—and turns them into mayfly clubhouses. Its charm is ephemeral and ephemera is its charms. Inside Free Sheep, you can find innovative graffiti and poster artists (NKO, No Touching Ground), anarchic theater collectives (Stranger Genius Award–winners Implied Violence), musicians (Truckasauras), dancers (Haruko Nishimura of Degenerate Art Ensemble), and more. Tonight you will find an all-black, all-lady punk band called Hot Grits!—whose cover of James Brown’s “Please, Please, Please” sounds like Kathleen Hanna fronting the early Sex Pistols—and a Balkan brass marching band called Orkestar Zirkonium, who borrow members from Circus Contraption and the defunct Infernal Noise Brigade. The clubhouse, as always, will be populated by odd characters. BRENDAN KILEY
Two Gallants - “Despite What You’ve Been Told”
John in the Morning at Night: Two Gallants, Harvey Danger, Blue Giant, Head Like a Kite
(Neumos) Radio is a strange beast, its stations’ democratic airwaves reaching anyone who tunes into their particular frequency, but rarely uniting them. KEXP has made a point of assembling its listeners in person, building a real community around its familiar voices, and boosting up-and-coming bands in the process. This time, the John in the Morning at Night show features an acoustic set by local stalwarts Harvey Danger; buzz band Two Gallants; the fuzzy, feisty sounds of Head Like a Kite; and Blue Giant, the full-band incarnation of Viva Voce’s Kevin and Anita Robinson. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your likeminded listeners and subject yourself to some brain-tingling music in the process. BARBARA MITCHELL

Why? - “Song of the Sad Assassin”

Why?, Restiform Bodies
(Vera) Anticon made its name as a home for music that wasn’t so much hiphop—underground, backpack, abstract, or otherwise—as it was music that resembled hiphop but reassembled its traits into something else entirely. Headliners and anticoners Why? long ago transcended ersatz rap, transforming into a sublime band that still exhibit some of hiphop’s best verbal tics in Yoni Wolf’s dexterous verses but combine them with gloomy live acoustics and songcraft that’s as structurally traditional as it is sonically adventurous. Openers Restiform Bodies, though, remain more dedicated to the label’s typically atypical old-school style—oblique, often breakneck raps delivered over scavenged synths, samples, and basement-crafted beats. Too frequently, though, their songs are stuffed with syllables but short on significance. ERIC GRANDY See also Stranger Suggests.

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