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Monday, September 22, 2008

Decibel Fest Podcast on KEXP

posted by on September 22 at 11:58 AM

The Bug: Infesting Neumos Sept. 28.

KEXP DJ and current Data Breaker interview subject Alex Ruder has put up a podcast featuring artists who are appearing in the forthcoming Seattle electronic-music/digital media festival Decibel [Sept. 25-28]. You can access it through iTunes or by going here.

The tracklist:

01. Balún - A Surprise
02. Nalepa - Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)
03. Jahcoozi - Gameboy
04. KiloWatts - Snakewinds
05. Lusine - Still Frame (Lusine Remix)
06. Jeremy Ellis - I Believe
07. Helios - The Obeisant Vine
08. Eluvium - Requiem on Frankfort Ave.
09. Tycho - The Daydream
10. The Sight Below - A Fractured Smile
11. The Bug (feat. Warrior Queen) - Insane
12. Truckasauras - Ain't No Danbo (When He's Gone)
13. Barbara Morgenstern - The Operator
14. Dave Pezzner - Other Lover
15. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish
16. Supermayer - The Art of Letting Go

Friday, September 5, 2008

This Week's Setlist

posted by on September 5 at 4:10 PM

Plan on going on this weekend? Want to check out some local music? Listen to this week's Setlist to hear music by Head Like a Kite, Don't Tell Sophie, Thunderbird Motel, and the Band of the Week, the Raggedy Anns. Then keep listening and find out where those bands are playing this week.

Click to listen.

Friday, August 22, 2008

This Week's Setlist

posted by on August 22 at 2:40 PM

Listen to this week's Setlist to hear about the newish venue in town Full Tilt Ice Cream, some of my picks for the Carousel Festival, and songs by Last Slice of Butter, the Dimes, People Eating People, Tacocat, and more.

Click to listen.

Friday, August 15, 2008

On This Week's Setlist

posted by on August 15 at 3:50 PM

Hear Himsa's John Pettibone talk about his Miami Vice phase (which includes everything from the white jacket to the frosted blonde hair).

Also, hear music by the Maldives, Paris Spleen, Siberian, and more!

Click to listen.

Friday, August 1, 2008

This Week's Setlist

posted by on August 1 at 2:30 PM

Listen to this week's Setlist to hear about my favorite Block Party moments along with music by Black Eyes and Neckties, Nazca Lines, Pillow Army, and more!

bentlive.jpgBlack Eyes and Neckties

Click to listen.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Setlist, the Special Capitol Hill Block Party Episode

posted by on July 25 at 2:05 PM

This week on Setlist, hear the local bands who are playing this weekend's Capitol Hill Block Party--Pleasureboaters, Sleepy Eyes of Death, Common Market, Thee Emergency, and more!

Click here to listen.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Listen to Setlist, Win Tickets to Block Party!

posted by on July 18 at 5:22 PM

thelightslive.jpgThe Lights

Yeah, I'm not too proud to bribe people into listening to Setlist. Wanna go to the Capitol Hill Block Party? You gotta listen to Setlist and find out how to enter to win tickets! Here's what else you'll get when you click:

*Hear what Mark Arm has to say about the current state of radio!
*Hear songs by Get Dressed, Head Like a Kite, Mudhoney, the Lights, and more!
*Find out about all the cool shows this week!

All that and more is waiting for you in this week’s episode. Just click and listen.

Monday, March 24, 2008

This Guy Sucks

posted by on March 24 at 3:36 PM

(Explanation here.)

Friday, February 29, 2008

This Week's Setlist

posted by on February 29 at 3:20 PM

Setlist is back after a couple weeks of vacation! We've missed you, I hope you've missed us.

This weekend is absolutely nuts-o for live shows, and Ari Spool and I highlight some of the very best via song. Here's the playlist:

The Hands “Lies Lies Lies”
Wormwood “The Endless Search for Food”
Grand Hallway “Napoleon’s Left Show”
Tv. Coahran “Kite Flyers”
The Valkyries “Scream for More”
Feral Children “Baby Joseph Stalin”
Awesome “Are You Aware”
Coco Coca “Continents and Oceans”

We also talk King Cobra's Grand Opening weekend, Wormwood breaking up, the Tv. Coahran's new record, and the upcoming Music Directory/Young Ones extravaganza!

Click to listen.

It's free! It'll stream straight to your computer, so you don't need to download anything fancy or weird. All you have to do is click, sit back, and enjoy. You can even keep doing other stuff while you listen, like fill out TPS reports or something.

Three Inches of Blood Live

posted by on February 29 at 12:54 PM

The last song of their set from last night's King Cobra grand opening (about which we have much, much more to tell you).

Friday, February 8, 2008

Setlist—Now With More Giggling!

posted by on February 8 at 11:35 AM

This week's Setlist is packed to the top with gooey local-band goodness.


Check out songs from Katharine Hepburn's Voice, Feral Children, Don't Tell Sophie, Suicide Jack, the Curious Mystery, Narwhal vs. Narwhal, TacocaT, and Lonesome Rhodes & the Good Company. Plus, get the lowdown on where and when these bands are playing, and some brilliant* commentary by me and Megan Seling.

Click to listen.

*Commentary may not be brilliant.

Friday, January 18, 2008

This Week's Setlist

posted by on January 18 at 1:40 PM

The Sea Navy (Jay Cox, no relation to Dewey Cox) was our special guest on this week's Setlist. He played three songs live in our "studio" (read: Nancy's office), including one tune written exclusively for Setlist listeners (you'll have to listen to hear it).


We also talked about Ween, huffing gas, eating sandwiches, and urinary tract infections. Then we play some music and the playlist goes like this:

The Hands "Lies Lies Lies"
TacocaT "UTI"
Partman Parthorse "At the Mall"
Weener "Spinal Meningitis"
Lonesome Rhodes & the Good Company "Oh, Sweet Death"
The Intelligence "Dating Cops"
The Resets "Downtown"

Honest to God it's a great show. Listen!

And because you've been good all week, here's a video of the Sea Navy performing in our offices:

Friday, January 11, 2008

This Week's Setlist

posted by on January 11 at 2:31 PM

Has a lot of great stuff on it like... well... Here's the playlist:

TV Coahran “Ogygia”
Pleasureboaters “S.O.U.”
Siberian “Soft Rains”
The Translucents “Don’t Push”
Kris Orlowski “Jessi”
The Maldives “Whidbey Island Blues”
Throw Me the Statue “Lolita”
Curtains for You “Heaven’s Waiting”

Why should you listen? Because now you don't have to go to each individual Stranger Bands Page and click on each song to hear it. Ari and I did that work for you. Just click right here and it'll stream straight onto your computer for free without having to subscribe to anything or sign up for anything or really do anything at all but push your index finger against your mouse. And what's more, we'll tell you where to find the band this week so if you like what you hear, you can go see 'em live.

Now here are some pictures of some of the bands you'll hear:


The Maldives


Pleasureboaters photo by Andy Smull


The Translucents

Friday, December 28, 2007

We Love the Terrordactyls...

posted by on December 28 at 11:05 AM

...on Setlist.


They were this week's special in-studio guests. They brought a mini grand piano, an acoustic guitar that was turned into an electric guitar with some tape and magic, and they also brought glue and glitter and other art supplies.

They also played a couple songs, and chatted about plans for 2008. They also made an original hand turkey (usually $2 via their website!) and brought a "Grand Champion" ribbon to give to a special Setlist winner.

Click here to listen (for absolutely free without having to download anything at all).

And here's a video of them playing "in studio" (really, Nancy's office). The song is called "I Want to Cry."

Friday, December 14, 2007

This Week's Setlist Is All About The Program

posted by on December 14 at 12:14 PM

You may have noticed that this week's music section is devoted to local hiphop, with the central focus being The Program, the five-day hiphop festival curated by Blue Scholars, who will perform every night. To celebrate, we've devoted Setlist, our weekly local music podcast, to local hiphop as well.

Music editor Jonathan Zwickel (click for pic) guest stars to talk about the project! And we play six songs from artists performing at The Program, like Can-U, Common Market, D. Black, and more.
So click here to listen!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

PWRFL Power on Setlist

posted by on December 12 at 11:16 AM

PWRFL Power was our musical guest on Setlist this week. Listen to hear him play two songs live in the "studio" and talk about his upcoming tour and what's going on with that esurance commercial spot he won via the Block Star contest.

Here's a video of him playing "Peach Song" on the show.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Guess Who Our Guest on Setlist Was This Week!

posted by on December 10 at 11:47 AM

Was it this guy?

No way.

What about this dude?

Not a chance, Sebastian.
Give up?
It was this guy:

That's right, PWRFL Power (a.k.a. Kaz Nomura) is our special in-studio guest this week! He plays two songs ("2 Keys" and "Peach Song") and sticks around to chat some! We also listen to music from local bands like Velella Velella and Curtains for You. It's a fun time had by all.

Click here to listen.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Chocolate Rain" Wasn't the Beginning and the End of Tay Zonday's 15 Minutes

posted by on December 4 at 2:10 PM

Now he's pimpin' a new kind of Dr. Pepper (Diet Cherry Chocolate) with a new song "Cherry Chocolate Rain."

The world doesn't make sense to me.

Monday, December 3, 2007

This Week's Setlist... Have You Listened Yet?

posted by on December 3 at 12:28 PM

If you haven't checked out this week's Setlist, now's as good a time as any. Sure, we gave you some pointers on which shows to hit over the weekend, but Ari Spool and I also have a few suggestions for the rest of the week. Plus, you'll hear some great music by local bands like Math and Physics Club, Gabriel Teodros, the Hands, and more.

Click here to listen.

Friday, November 30, 2007

This Week's Setlist

posted by on November 30 at 12:31 PM

This week's Setlist is up and ready for you!

Full Song List:
Math and Physics Club - “Movie Ending Romance”
Inhaste - “Empty Spaces”
Super Geek League - “Fat Cannibal”
The Reformation - “Give All Your Love to Me”
Pleasureboaters - “S.O.U.”
The Hands - “Lies Lies Lies”
Gabriel Teodros - “Sexcapism”
M. Bison - “Slow Atop the Mountain”
Born Anchors - “Casualty”

Click to listen. It's free, it's streams through your computer so you don't have to download anything, and, as you can see, it's got some pretty great music.


Friday, November 23, 2007

This Week's Setlist

posted by on November 23 at 3:17 PM

Wanna hear Kinski? Wanna hear Feral Children? Wanna here the Limbs and Diminished Men and Cancer Rising?

Yes, you do. So what are you waiting for?

Click here to listen to this week's Setlist.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Bob Sapp Time!

posted by on November 21 at 9:23 AM

Here's what I'm thankful for this year: Former University of Washington football star, Bob "The Beast" Sapp is now a pop music legend in Japan.

Bob Sapp please.

(Thanks to Robby for sharing this magic.)

Friday, November 16, 2007

This Week's Setlist

posted by on November 16 at 4:05 PM

You should listen to Setlist. Here are nine reasons why:

The Quiet Ones - "Girls & Uniforms"
Pleasureboaters - "Elliptical Realism"
Police Teeth - "Is That Because You’re Adopted?"
The Tallboys - "Track 7" (We don't know the real name; they didn't tell us.)
Imperial Legions of Rome - "Troubador"
Suicide Jack - "Dirty Old Nancy"
Tart - "California"
Johanna Kunin - "Fireflies"
Sera Cahoone - "Couch Song"


Friday, November 2, 2007

This Week's Setlist

posted by on November 2 at 2:45 PM

You're at work. It's Friday and no one expects you to get any work done on Friday so no one will mind that you put everything aside to listen to this week's Setlist.

The bad news is Ari Spool is on vacation so it's just me. But the good news is I don't do much talking, and just get to the songs, which are really great this week--Pleasureboaters, Brides of Obscurity, Throw Me the Statue, Siberian, Mulally, and more.

Listen. Listen, listen, listen.

Friday, October 26, 2007

This Week's Setlist

posted by on October 26 at 3:23 PM

We have a very special guests on this week's Setlist--Levi Fuller visits the "studio" to play a couple live tracks (including a fantastic Jawbox cover) and talk about the upcoming Ball of Wax show at the Sunset.


(Photo by Ron Henry)

You'll also hear the Beatniks, J. Tillman, Priests and Paramedics, Beehive, and more. More, I tell you, more!

This is where you click to hear it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

This Week's Setlist

posted by on October 19 at 3:12 PM

The RIAA won't send you a letter for listening to Setlist.


Born Anchors

Here's what you'll hear:

Jacob London - “Return to Squirrel Mountain”
Llama - “Alright”
Johanna Kunin - “Fireflies”
Born Anchors - “Casualty”
Dolour - “Cheer Up Baby”
The Quiet Ones - “Girls & Uniforms”
The Limbs - “Five Four”
The Quit - “Six Years”
“Awesome” - “Are You Aware”

What else is there? The chance to win free CDs and candy! But you gotta listen to find out how (it's ridiculously easy, I promise).

Listen up.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Listen to Setlist, Win the New Pleasureboaters CD

posted by on October 17 at 11:53 AM

Two things will happen when you listen to this week's Setlist:

(1) You will hear some good music by local bands like Cancer Rising, Shorthand for Epic, the Pleasureboaters, and Smile Brigade.

(2) You will find out how to enter our contest and win a copy of the Pleasureboaters' new record Gross, which is so good.

Click for fun.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pandering to the Staff (Or: Listen to Setlist!)

posted by on October 12 at 5:10 PM

Because I am such a nice guy, I promised to post about this week's Setlist Podcast, which is now up for your listening pleasure (I'm listening now, and haven't skipped ahead yet!). They play all sorts of good local music, and also have Mr. Jeff Kirby as a guest. Sounds pretty cool, eh? On top of that, if you listen you will learn how to win a copy of the Pleasureboaters' new CD, which is called Gross! Click to listen. (Confidential to Megan and Ari: What happened to the nifty little Flash doodad you used to have for listening to Setlist? That thing was rad.)

Oh, and speaking of Setlist, and guests, and guests on Setlist: It just so happens that yours truly will be a guest on the episode of Setlist that will be live two weeks from today. I will play some songs on my guitar, and probably talk about the upcoming release show for Ball of Wax Volume 10 (11/1 at the Sunset), and probably make Megan and Ari play some of the other bands playing at said show. It will be a podcast to be remembered.

This has been fun, everybody. Thanks to all the other Lineouters, and to The Stranger for being insane enough to give us the keys to the joint for the day. I just wanted to say that in case I have nothing more to say for the next 50 minutes or so.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Bored? Listen to Setlist!

posted by on October 8 at 12:29 PM

If you haven't already, check out this week's Setlist. It's one of our best yet because Ari and I are joined by our first ever musical guest, Devoirs (aka Christopher Hong).

Besides that, you'll also hear tunes by the Blakes, the Fleet Foxes, the Kindness Kind, Sleepy Eyes of Death (pictured below), and more.



Friday, October 5, 2007

This Week's Setlist: Our First Musical Guest!

posted by on October 5 at 4:26 PM

This week's Setlist is a great one. I mean it's always great, but this week's is even better because Devoirs plays a few songs for us live in the "studio" (it's not really a studio, it's just an office, but we like to pretend).


Devoirs is Chris Hong's solo project. He plays dark and worn acoustic songs "about concrete, urban invasive species, and literal and figurative consumption/compulsion." He's inspired by bands like Wire and Black Flag. He's playing the Vera Project October 10 (it's a free show) and Setlist is the only place you can here this exclusive recording.

You'll also hear songs by the Blakes, the Fleet Foxes, the Kindness Kind and more.

Click. Listen. Love.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

This Week's Setlist Contest Winner!

posted by on October 4 at 3:22 PM

So this week on Setlist we ran a contest where you won three great local cds (Bronze Fawn's Lumber, The Lonely Forests Nuclear Winter, and the new self-titled Thieves of Kailua). In order to enter, you had to send us a link to a music-related YouTube video. Here's the winner. It's kind of creepy. . .

And yes, that was Danzig. The guy playing his electric bass as a stand-up really makes it work for me, but of course you can never go wrong with that dimpled chin of his.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Free Records!

posted by on October 3 at 12:54 PM

And to win 'em, all you have to do is listen to this week's Setlist!

Here's who you'll hear:
Born Anchors
A Gun that Shoots Knives
Bronze Fawn
The Lonely Forest
Mono in VCF
Partman Parthorse

And here's the three-pack of records you can win:

Bronze Fawn Lumber
Thieves of Kailua Thieves of Kailua
The Lonely Forest Nuclear Winter

You have to listen to find out how to enter, so get clickin'.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

While You're At It You Can Polarize My Chemicals

posted by on October 2 at 2:48 PM

I have a not-completely-secret admiration for good songs about depression, mental illness, and being and/or feeling insane, and right now I'm working on a Line Out post/playlist that will include many of my favorites that fit that description along with a lot of suggestions from my friends (and possibly any suggestions you have too?).

But while I work on that, I will give you this sneak preview because I can't keep it to myself because I love it so much.

Kind of Like Spitting "We Are Both Writers."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This Week's Setlist... Going, Going...

posted by on September 26 at 1:45 PM

...almost gone!

You only have a couple days left to listen to this week's Setlist with me, Ari, and this week's special guest Kris K from Chop Suey. Kris used his magic musical knowledge to select this week's playlist, which goes like this:

Birdwatchers United - “Monsters!”
Sam Squared - “Puppies and Kittens”
Andy Werth - “Back to the Sun”
Don’t Tell Sophie - “Metal Detector”
The Snakebites - “Everybody Feels It When We Get Together”
Yogoman Burning Band - “Street Lights”
Fleet Foxes - “White Winter Hymnal”
Coconut Coolouts - “(Please Don’t Break Me Out of) Party Jail”

It's really good, check it out.

And know why else you should listen? Because you can WIN TICKETS TO THE SEAWOLF/FLEET FOXES/BOAT SHOW at Chop Suey.


Free tickets.

And free music.

And free jokes (that may or may not be funny).

And free... pictures of the weirdest looking animal in the world, an aye-aye.



(Thanks to Robby for introducing me to this fascinating and terrifying creature.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Setlist Ain't Nothing To Fuck With

posted by on September 21 at 4:54 PM

This week's Setlist is the best Setlist Megan and me have ever recorded! Why would we make such a grand statement? Because it's true. We have a very special guest in the "studio": Kris K from Chop Suey! He picks all the songs, shares some booking wisdom, and gives us some tickets to an amazing show (Sea Wolf, Boat, and Fleet Foxes) that we are going to give to you. You can only find out how to win by listening, so why don't you do it already?

Songs Kris K picked to play this week:
Birdwatchers United - "Monsters!"
Sam Squared - "Puppies and Kittens"
Andy Werth - "Back to the Sun"
Don’t Tell Sophie - "Metal Detector"
The Snakebites - "Everybody Feels It When We Get Together"
Yogoman Burning Band - "Street Lights"
Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal"
Coconut Coolouts - "(Please Don’t Break Me Out of) Party Jail"

Click to listen.

Friday, September 7, 2007

This Week's Setlist--Better Than Ever!! (SRSLY!)

posted by on September 7 at 11:41 AM

OMG! Setlist this week is so bomb-diddly-awesome that it breaks my heart to only be able to share the experience of listening to it. Why is it so freaking awesome? Because we have a guest, the world's most perfect human being: Eli Anderson!

Eli is the assistant booker at Crocodile Cafe, and on this week's Setlist he picks the bands and tells you what you have to do to get a show at the Croc (synopsis: don't be a jerk). Tune in to listen to me and Megan swoon and let someone else do some of the talking for once.

Some of the bands Eli picked that you will enjoy listening to:
The Quiet Ones
The Moondoggies
Tall Birds
Fleet Foxes
Throw Me the Statue

and much, much more (we mean it!).
Go here to listen!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It Really Is Oh So Quiet...

posted by on September 5 at 12:30 PM

A little Björk should fix that...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Have You Listened to Setlist Yet?

posted by on August 28 at 10:48 AM

If not, you really should. Sure most of the shows Ari and I talk about have passed, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the free music from local bands. There's also still time to win a copy of the Blakes' new EP Streets (out now on Light in the Attic), but you have to listen to find out how.

Click to hear Blicky, Love Battery, Boat, Green Pajamas, the Scheme, and more!

Also, Ari and I make fun of old people. We're sorry.

Friday, August 24, 2007

This Week's Setlist Podcast Available for Listening!

posted by on August 24 at 2:24 PM

Did you know that Megan and me are capable of feeling old? Or that Megan has never seen the most important movie in the entire canon of comedic music films?

Do you want to win a copy of the Blakes' new EP, Streets? Wanna listen to some sweet songs by local bands Blicky, Love Battery, Boat, the Apple War, the Green Pajamas, and the Scheme?

All this and so much more is on this week's Setlist podcast.
Click to listen.

Remember, e-mail with your feelings, gripes, and general malaise.

Friday, August 17, 2007

This Week's Setlist

posted by on August 17 at 12:51 PM

It's ready for you, are you ready for it?

Here's what you'll hear:
The Little Ones - “Cha Cha Cha”
Bang the Mantra - “Endless Wanting”
The Dimes - “Forget Me”
Paris Spleen - “My Bedroom”
Sunday Night Blackout - “The Succubus”
Penetration Camp - “The Shiner”
Upwell - “Lotus”
Open Choir Fire - “Things We Have to Do”

And here's a picture of your mom, I mean the Dimes.


Get clicking, clickerson.