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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fleet Foxes Tour Diary #2: From Phoenix to Denton, and BIG FUCKING SAND DUNES!

posted by on March 5 at 2:06 PM

Well, back in the saddle again folks, this time we're hightailing it from Phoenix, Arizona (home of the University of Phoenix, the most reputable and worthwhile internet college there is) to Denton, Texas, which is somewhere right outside of Dallas, home of the "Cowboys" basketball squad that won the World Cup a few years ago. I love their goalie.

Since last we spoke a lot has happened so I guess I'll start at the new beginning: I hate LA with the force of 1,000 suns, the whole immensity of the known universe. You could fill the 96% of all space that's made of yet-unknown substances with this hate. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if, when that giant matter collider discovers the Higgs-Boson, the Higgs-Boson will have "LA SUX" written on it in subatomic particles. I don't really know what it is that rubs me the wrong way about the place but I have never felt comfortable there and it just seems like 10,000 Bellevues combined with a 24/7 American Idol audition. But that's the problem with seeing places while on tour--unless you have an extra day or two there, you only see the immediate area around the venue and then the smoggy highways surrounding; not the most accurate sample. I know there are rad areas of LA, I've heard "Silverlake" and "Echo Park" are where it's at, but I've never been to those places or the Smell--just the disgusting downtown Perez Hilton feeling places.

Still, it was a veritable people party at the Troubadour, a bro-fest including my dear girl and her grandfather, the wonderful Joan Hiller, Skye's brother Carter, and my goddamn PARENTS who came down to both the LA show and the San Diego one. Include among that list the awesome dudes from Blitzen Trapper and Grand Archives and it gets crazy thinking just how lucky we are to have so many supportive and loving people around us. Indescribable. The show went well but for some hang-ups in the mandolin department which forced a truncated setlist--we were the first band on the bill anyway so it didn't make that big of a difference. That night I split ways with the boys (who all stayed with Carter) and me and my girl visited her grandfather's house which was awesome--he is a screenwriter in Hollywood and a really sweet guy.

The drive to San Diego found LA never really ending until San Diego began, and the show ended up being my personal favorite yet, the sound was good and the people were really sweet and we got to kick it with all the Grarchives homies one last time before splitting off on our ways. In the hotel room that night I watched the new episode of Lost (sorry Olivia) and had my mind blown forward in time.

Once we got out of San Diego, the drives grew There Will Be Blood-ian in there epicness, my god, the southwest is INSANE. There were mountains made of small boulders, rock formations, gulches and bright red rock spires. Vast plains and valleys and SAND DUNES!!!! DUNES!!!! I had never been to a dune before. As soon as we hit the pure Lawrence of Arabia desert section we stopped, ran across the highway, jumped a fence, and climbed to the top of these insane dunes. If you positioned your head in the right way at the top of the dune you could see for miles, miles and miles of sand like huge white waves, and I could imagine for a minute that I was stranded in the desert on the verge of death and it was strangely comforting. I like doing stuff like that, being in locations where there's no way to tell your place in time. It could have been 1008 A.D. on the top of those dunes for all we knew. It ended up that we were across the border into Mexico. I guess you don't need too comprehensive a fence when the other side is certain doom. Hold on, we just saw a sign for a meteor crater monument, we are taking the exit. Be right back.


OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!! THAT WAS INSANE!!!! It was a meteor crater like a half mile across in the middle of nowhere, monumentally gorgeous and insane, the gates were closed but we put a carpet over the barbed wire fence and hopped over and climbed to the top. Holy shit man. What a goddamn mind bender. A gigantic rock flew from the cosmos and landed right there and we were just on top of the crater. Good god!!!! A car came so we hopped back over the fence but it was just some guy with the same idea. So amazing. It's like the feeling you get when you watch an eclipse that for some reason seeing the shadow of our own planet darkening the moon makes our place in the universe somehow more palpable.... wow, so cool.

Ok, so yeah, back on track, the place we placed in Phoenix was awesome, this all ages art space called Modified, it reminded me of Art Works or HTFC or something, my personal favorite venue so far. The sound was weird but it was a lot of fun and everyone was really attentive. I am really feeling the wear and tear on my voice from singing night after night - I've been smoking a lot of cigarettes to deal with stress and it's kind of tearing my throat apart. Today I started chewing the Nicorette gum my mom covertly slipped into my bag on our way out of town and it's been good, gotta quit. I did have a couple drags of Christian's cigarette at the top of that crater though, it felt like a fitting place to have my last one. Back to the gum for the sake of my voice, I sure will miss smoking...

Ok, I've rambled again, thanks for reading, see you in a few days!

Luff springs eternal,
Robin & Skye & Casey & Christian & Nick

Friday, February 29, 2008

Fleet Foxes Tour Diary Part 1: Beautiful Drives, Recording for Daytrotter, and Paying Respects to Haight Ashbury

posted by on February 29 at 7:18 PM

This is the first installment of the Fleet Foxes tour diary, which will be appearing here on Line Out a few times a week while the new Sub Pop signees take their first jaunt across the country. All words belong to the band (Even the ed notes), and sadly there are not photos this time around, but hopefully there will be some in the future. Be sure to check back for more of their adventures.

Hello friends, my name's Robin Pecknold and I am writing this tour missive from inside our giant white touring van, somewhere on the road between San Francisco and Los Angeles, it's hot as Hades, and I'm gonna fill you in on all we've been up to for the past few days on this inaugural tour of ours. Huzzah!

We've been gone since Tuesday afternoon, but we've only played one show so far - at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco last night. We got a late start on the drive - we were going to leave on Monday, but that was the day that our EP came back from the manufacturers and the shirts came back from Luckyhorse, in addition to the million other things you apparently have to do to get ready to be homeless for two months - and yet I still forgot a toothbrush. Oh well. So we bade our loved ones farewell on Tuesday, crammed all of our stuff into the van in a game of ur-Tetris, and started the long hard slog to San Francisco.

I can't describe how beautiful the drives have been. It's such a freeing feeling being out in the open country, there's even still some feeling of discovery when happening upon [There is a big yellow plane cropdusting out the left window right now - ed.] weird hills or fields full of cows or reaching the top of a pass, California feels so monumentally huge and we're only even seeing the thin sliver surrounding the Interstates!!!! So much out there to see and it's all so beautiful. At sunset on the first day of driving, I was laying on the back bench, looking out the opposite window, listening to this great band I found at Wall of Sound called Habibiyya, and the substance of the scenery (some mountain range far in the distance behind a wide grass plain) congealed with the music and it felt like we were in Morocco or the Serengeti, a completely transportive effect that's one of the things that's so great about music. I love that it can take you places like a good book can.

Anyway, so we stopped in Redding and met up with the fellows from Grand Archives who have this favorite lodge they dig staying in, that has this crazy anomalous bar - it's just your typical travel motel type place but the bar is like the old Cha Cha or something, "Ventura Highway" by America was playing on the stereo. I always feel like I'm being used when I sing along to the "alligator lizards in the air" line. That line is egregious and as soon as I'm done singing along I just feel dirty, like they've manipulated me into acts I'm not comfortable with. We'll be playing with GrarChives tonight in LA and tomorrow night in San Diego, I'm really looking forward to it as they are all the sweetest, and the more hometown feelings around the better.

Once we came into San Francisco (after more blockbuster high budget scenery along the way and then seeing the incredible city itself) we went into do this thing called Daytrotter, where they record you playing songs all live together and then put it on their very nice and well art directed and curated website. I've listened to a few of these in my day and they always sound awesome, but our entire band experience at the moment to be almost cinematic in it's strangeness that it was tough for me to "get into the moment" while we were playing the songs, it didn't help that it was the first time we'd played music on the tour and we were definitely rusty from a lack of practice before leaving.... still, the Daytrotter dudes were the sweetest most awesome guys ever and seemed to feel ok about how we did. They gave us a nice gift bag and we headed to our hotel (again saying hello to our Grand Archives companions) to ruminate on the strangeness of being asked to participate in things that have always felt like objects from another world. San Francisco bros came down and hung out for a while and we checked our pages [less nerdy terminology for "surfing the internet" - ed.]. The bathroom at the hotel was the size of my girlfriends' apartment.

Yesterday we woke up and headed to Haight Ashbury to pay our respects to the lost dreams of the past and to browse the vaguely hippie related souvenir shops. We were in the neighborhood to film this thing for a site called La Blogotheque where they film a band in a strange spot playing songs - bros Throw Me the Statue and Tiny Vipers have imbibed in the past. When we were scouting for a location, I was wandering around the neighborhood and found this crazy old fairly dilapidated gymnasium. The doors were unlocked and inside, all the lights were out, it seemed half abandoned, and the main light source was a couple broken windows that were sending shafts of light onto the middle of this gigantic basketball court. It was crazy serendipity, the echo in the building was incredible, I can't guarantee we performed ok but it will at least look and sound cool. That was another surreal Alice in Wonderland moment, through the fuckin rabbit hole into this weird world of internet music insider-land that we never in a million years thought we'd be a part of. Weird weird times, friends.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Medford, Troy, and Buffalo, the All-American City

posted by on February 26 at 12:06 PM

#22 Oxfam Cafe at Tufts University/Feb 22nd/Medford, MA
It snowed so much today, we were skeptical if we could get to Massachusetts.

Oxfam Cafe is a part of Tufts U dorm. Their most popular menu item is a Pizza Bagel. The first band canceled, so Capillary Action played first, then me.

I usually stand up when I play but this time I sat down on a chair. After the show, we went to Nicole's (who hosted the show) place and watched Simpson's while eating pizza and drinking National Bohemian, Baltimore's own PBR. We got a dozen at the Baltimore show, 6 pack=$2.50.

#23 Ground Zero/Feb 23rd/Troy, NY
GPS is amazing. You type in an address and it tells you where to go.

Today, we went to a bagel shop in Allston. "It's the best bagel in the country," Jon of CA said. To me, bagels taste the same and the statement sounded funny.

Ground Zero is also a basement at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute dorm. There was a good crowd already when we got there. A guy with glasses came up to me: "Hey, Kaz, do you remember me? it's Jessi. We went to Shoreline Community College together."

What a coincidence! Especially in such a small town like Troy (20 min. away from Albany).

The show was very fun. During the set, I asked if anyone was selling Adderal for finals and later I heard a girl sitting right in front of me was. Of course she has some, it's a college dorm!

#24 Recess Cafe/Feb 24th/Syracuse, NY
Capillary Action headed to Canada and I headed to Syracuse. We are going to meet up in Detroit. Dirty D.

I took the greyhound from Albany to Syracuse. There was a diner in the station. I had a greasy, greasy breakfast. The diner was so ghetto and I loved it.

On the bus, a kid behind me was asking "Hey mom, there are ten hundred women in the army. How many more women do you need to have 1200 women?"


"Mom, you are SMART."

This conversation is pretty deep. I don't know what the heck he was talking about. Why Army? Why 1200 women? I am not a huge fan of the army, I am glad there are only 1000 women in it, not 1200.

As soon as I got to Syracuse, I bought a sandwich at Subway. I have been craving bad foods on the road, Subway, Mcdonald's, sketchy diners, etc. When I turned around, there was a guy with bright red glasses. That was Anthony from Know Nothing. He came to pick me up.

The Recess cafe is pretty similar to that cafe on 50th and University in Seattle, one with a movie theater. There was a good mount of punk kids already. "Shows in Syracuse usually turns into punk shows," Anthony said.

The show was fun, I played with Lemuria. They know Eric from Tacocat and we were all about Eric.

"Do you know his band the Trashies?"
"He took us to the Sub Pop office last time we were in Seattle."
"We played with his new band that covers a Bikini Kill song."

I asked them to take me to Buffalo from Syracuse, that way I can go to Ohio easier next day. After hours and hours of conversation on Eric and Good Will Hunting in their car, we started listening to Carissa's Wierd. I have only heard one song on YouTube. They had 50 some CW songs on their iPod. (By the way, when I played Scrabble for the first time in my life, iPod was the only word I came up with. And it didn't count)

"There's a good burrito place called Super Mighty, let's go." I got a Super Mighty burrito and Pepsi. It was only $2.40. I noticed that eating out in Seattle is veryyyyy expensive.

I went to bed early at their place. They pay $850 for 5 bedrooms (only $700 till last month).

Buffalo, an all-American city.

PWRFL Power is one of this year's Young Ones. For the full list--including Throw Me the Statue, Talbot Tagora, and Truckasauras--visit


Monday, February 25, 2008

Baltimore and New York (M.I.A. Has Dry Hands)

posted by on February 25 at 4:25 PM

After the East Coast tour, I was supposed to spend two weeks in Oberlin,OH to practice with Capillary Action, my tourmate. However, their living situation changed, they weren't able to host me anymore. So I was told to stay in NYC until the 19th, which turned out good. I got to spend an extra two weeks with my gf and ate bagels. Also, I got the flu.

#19 Talking Head/Feb 19th/Baltimore
I took the Chinatown bus to Baltimore. It's a super cheap bus line literally leaving from Chinatown. It's usually faster than the Greyhound.

There were six bands on the bill that night. Santa Dads played and everyone from Wham City, a Baltimore art-collective lead by Dan Deacon, was there. I met them for the first time in Jan. 2007 and it was so nice to see Lizz King, Adam (of Creepers), and Kevin (of Videohippos) again.

And wonderful news: M.I.A came and liked it. Thanks to the City Paper for writing about me, Diplo's Manager brought M.I.A. to the show.

It was awesome to see someone everyone's talking about. Her hands were dry.

#20 Inciting HQ/Feb 20th/Philadelphia
I was supposed to go to Geno's for Philly Cheese Steak since I went to Pat's last time but we didn't have time.

The venue was somebody's loft space. Nobody came. M.I.A didn't come either.

#21 Cake Shop/Feb 21st/New York
Cake Shop! My favorite place to play in NYC all the time! I wanted to buy an electric guitar before the show but I couldn't find a Fender Mustang. I decided not to.

The show was very fun. I saw my friend Anthony who now makes the TV show Made, Kiriko, and Ryan. Yes, Ryan from Catbird Records; it's also a blog ( and they are releasing my EP and I made this show a CD release party.


After the set, the lead singer from Shudder to Think bought CDs from me, I wonder if they can cover one of my songs... when they tour with the Smashing Pumpkins again... (*_*).

39 more shows to go, this national tour is going to be very fun.

PWRFL Power is one of the Stranger's 2008 Young Ones


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hot Sex & Cheese Whiz

posted by on February 5 at 1:45 PM

#16 AS220//Jan 30th//Providence

Providence is my most favorite in city in East coast all the time. As soon as we got into town, we headed to AS220, a wonderful all ages venue/art organization I play every time I go through Rhode Island. Same faces, same faces, John of Deer Tick was there, Diego Perez, Chloe, Arley, and Sasha, etc.

I played an acoustic set that night with the mystical Yamaha FG-180 made in Taiwan (For some reasons, Yamaha doesn't have a record of making 180s in Taiwan, only other person who owned the same model is Elliot Smith as far as I know). I have good followings in Providence, so everyone was quiet and listened to me.

After the show, I went to a house called Little Pancakes, a 3-story house that got a spacious living room recently. They tore down a wall. I slept on a couch that was 4 feet wide. This is part of the touring, I have to be all curled up and sleep on a tiny couch. In the morning, I went to White Electric Coffee, one of the most decent coffeehouses in Providence.

AS220-Little Pancakes-White Electric Coffee---This is my Providence trip every single time.


#17 Colins room at University or Delaware//Jan. 31st//Delaware

6 hours drive from Rhode Island. I forgot a name of this diner but we went to a really cool place to eat by the university. I ordered a cheese steak sandwich. Maybe I miss Philly Cheese steak.

"What kind of cheese?"
"Cheese Whiz, please."

While eating I noticed there were a bunch of packed turkey sitting. Their labels said "Golden Legacy". I started wondering what it's like to be turkey. Think about it, you and me, we will be packed in plastic wraps and called "Golden Legacy".

Conclusion first, 2 people came to our show. I played 5 songs. I didn't wanna look at the 2 audience members, so looked at the end of the microphone through out the set.

On our way to Sean's place (he set up this show), we stopped at a liquor store. There was a hard liquor called "Hot Sex".

What's wrong with Delaware? Turkeys are called Golden Legacy and the liquor is called Hot Sex.


$18 The Parlor//Feb 1st//New Jersey

The Parlor is a house in New Jersey and we played in their basement. They served me a good vegan chili. I drank orange juice. Its package said "lots of pulp". I pictured members of the Pulp getting drawn in orange juice.

Audience there was very noisy. It was like a party where kids get trashed and hang out, so slightly far from my scene.

"These people like to party, these people must like drugs..."

I chose tomato song for a starter, a song about tomato and drugs. Nobody cared. When I sang loud, a girl in gold leggings gave me a look and kept talking.

"All right, that's it".

I played 1 song and decided to stop. Some people who were starting to give me attention and my tour mates seemed to be feeling sorry for me. That was the first time I stopped playing because "I didn't feel like it".

I caught an early train off to NYC. There were a group of about 10 or 15 college kids on the train. A blonde girl in the group was eating a big long candy that looked like a penis.

I noticed one (and only) dorky guy in the group was gazing at her.


Friday, February 1, 2008

10 Toothbrushes, 10 Ice Creams

posted by on February 1 at 2:54 PM


On the road with PWRFL Power (upcoming tour dates here):

#13 Sound Fix Records//Jan. 27th//Brooklyn

I left Philadelphia around 5PM with Shawn, Mike, and Party Steve. We all got Philly cheese steak at Pat's. I was told Geno's is way better but they are racists so they won't serve me.

First you tell them if you want onions, then a kind of cheese you want, pay and wait.
Actually, you don't have to wait cuz they make it in 5 seconds. Faster than I counted 8 $1 bills. 3 people in front of me ordered "cheese steak with onion and cheese whiz". I didn't know what cheese whiz was but 3 people ordered the same thing.
there was a pure pressure.

"Can I get...cheese steak...with onion....Cheese....whiz, please..?"

It was a fake chesse I get with Nachos. It tasted good though. does cheese whiz stand for "Cheese Wizard"?


Sound Fix bar is neat. Steven, a bartender, knows Zac Pennington who put out my latest CD. Ric who works for ToddP helped me set up this last minute show with Steven.

I liked what I played. Very calm and sophisticated set, I thought. I saw familiar faces (Clark, Daniel, Ashley from Seattle, Archer, and Earl). It was during a potluck and I enjoyed free pizza and free beers.

I went to Archer's place after the show. She lives with 4 other people. In the bathroom, there's a cup holding about 10 toothbrushes. Also, 5 different colors of bath towel were hung in a row. It's amazing to see people are living "together" not like there's a mess and looks like there are more than 3 people living in one place. Impressed.

#14 Fontana's//Jan 28th//NYC

I had a photo shoot with Theme Magazine today. Dorothy Hong, a freelance photographer, came to this place I was staying and took a bunch of pictures on her Mamiya medium format camera. I don't know anyone who does photo gigs with film cameras and it was very fresh. "Tilt your head a little bit and look up?" She told me what to do and shot 4 220 rolls.


I killed afternoon at Cake Shop in lower east side. It was same as the last time I was there, I always come visit when I'm in town. My friend John Chavez's Hard Bop was playing that night.

I met up with my old friend Kiriko. I gave her my Olympus EE-3 camera. That takes half-framed pictures. And 10 rolls of films.

Fontana's is located in between Chinatown and Lower East Side. The venue is surprisingly spacious and has a pool table.

As soon as I got to the venue, I started fixing 70's Yamaha FG-180 I got in DC. I filed down its bridge and saddle, so I can lower the strings.

"Are you... Taz?"

A lady asked when I was frantically sanding wood. Her name was Alena, an interviewer from Theme Magazine.

"Kaz. K A Z. not T A Z." (>__<)

We talked about a bunch of random on my music, Japan, and touring. She got me Asahi beer and we talked about rent in NYC.

My set was fun and hot. They had a heater on the stage. The room was already hot, so I felt like I was playing in a sauna room.

After the show, I went to McDonald's with a friend. I saw a sign that says "Get 6pc. of Chicken Mcnuggets for $1! (with a purchase of special value meal)". My friend ordered Big Mac meal, so I ordered 3 packs of 6pc Mcnuggets.

"One pack per meal."

A cashier woman who can't pronounce "hamburger" sounded angry. We paid $12.56 and she gave me 4 dimes and 4 pennies. There was a donation box filled with change, one $1 bill, and a receipt.

"Where is this money going to?" I asked.

She pointed at a picture on the donation box. There was a picture of starving kids smiling tiredly.


She turned around and disappeared in the back.

#15 PA's Lounge//Jan 29th//Boston

This was my forth show in Boston and third at PA's. For some reasons, I don't remember much from this show, so I would like to talk about this place I stayed.

It was my tour mate Katy's aunt, Laurie's house in Cambridge. She's a doctor and has 2 cats that don't have tails and 1 dog that seemed out of mind all the time. Actually, her cats seemed out it too, they keep their eyes wide opened all the time and don't stop staring at you until you move.

Her fridge was filled with 10 different kinds of ice creams. Most of them were old and not eatable. So, i ate a can of beef soup and went to bed.

There were so much food and it made me eat. I woke up next day and started eating a bagle and a can of Tom Kha soup. Then, Mango mochi ice (which I threw away after the first bite), and another bagle.

I keep losing weight so I have been trying to eat. While eating and enjoying the internet, I saw a myspace bulletin by Daniel, another tour mate. It said PWRFUL POWR and his band are playing in Providence.

We have played 7 shows already and he never spell my name right /(;__;)\


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How I Roll

posted by on January 29 at 1:18 PM

#10 The Lab//Jan. 24th//Washington DC

I was so lucky to have Bauhaus in walking distance when I lived in Seattle. Here in suburb of Washington DC, I have to walk 30 minutes round trip to get a cup of okay-tasting Starbucks coffee. That was my morning ritual for 4 days as I came back every night after Richmond, DC, and Baltimore shows.

The Lab is a new all ages space and even sound men volunteer to be there. The ex-church space has good acoustics and is appropriate for my kinda music. My set was laid back, I and audience talked back and forth. It was pretty peaceful.

A guitarist from the last band happened to know me. He plays with Travis Morrison & Hell Fighters and I opened for them once. I guess it makes him a hell fighter.


#11 Charm City Art Space//Jan. 25th//Baltimore

CCAS is an all ages art gallery/performance space located by Baltimore's premier gay bar Gallery.

That night, I ate at McDonald's. It was a chicken nuggets meal (that comes with a large coca cola and fries). My tourmates are both vegan and I wanted to be bad that night. Bad like Jessi James.

It was surprisingly good. Pieces of chicken were crisp, fries were crisp, and coca-cola was sensational. You can get all of these pleasure for mere $6.

Thanks for the chicken meal, I could sing louder with even more confidence than usual. I didn't even need a PA system and sang upstairs with my tiny amp (Fender Champion 600). Everyone played in the basement. It was too cold for me to play the basement..


#12 Green Line Cafe//Jan 26th//Philadelphia

Philadelphia is magic. Every time I visit this city, it just hits me so bad. Philadelphia is deep.

We got into town around 6PM. Daniel (of the Vonneguts) wanted to take a look at this place we were going to stay. That was a 3-story house where 5 people lives. One of them was world famous "Party Steve". I have never met anyone who parties more than he does. He doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, and has 2 phones (a normal cell phone and party phone). He knows all the cool parties in town or all the cool parties want him so they tell him to come. who knows.

After the visit, we headed to Green Line Cafe. The cafe is small and has drawings by kids on the wall. The crowd was small at first but by the time I played, the house was nicely packed (still 30 people max. capacity..).

Before my set, I went to this pizza stand/deli across the street and had a slice of BBQ pizza and buffalo pizza. Also, red stripes. I watched basket ball games surrounded by 3 black men in 50's holding 40oz. bottles of Colt 45 and talking about their wives.

When I drink a beer or 2 and play, it turns out good in general. That night was no exception. The audience (80% female) laughed at my songs, at my life, and felt sorry for laughing.

I met 2 Japanese girls, Eri and Naoko. I get excited when I see Japanese kids at my shows outside of Seattle. Later, I went to a house party with Party Steve, Daniel, and Naoko where I saw Jucifer play.

I feel like everything/everyone I dealt with at house parties in Philadelphia was lacking senses of time/colors, etc. Or they have totally new standards I am not familiar with.
A lot of kids were wearing whatever they found on the street or dumpsters. They eat stuff from dumpsters (i.e found cheese pizza) and play weird free folk jam in their living room at 2PM. One guy was dressing in a pair of pink leggings and a bright blue sweatshirt. I could see his balls. Also, I noticed a lot of people has gap-teeth like I do. Their obnoxiously colorful outfit and gap-teeth made them seem like aliens or some kind of wild animals and I felt like I was in another country.

I went to a tiny art space after the Jucifer show. The space was called Bo-Bo's. As I enter, I saw about 7 people covered in pieces of fabric. They seemed like dresses but they were just pieces of fabric of 2 colors;Lavender and bright orange. The room was full of sage smoke (?) and one girl was lying down on the ground. I thought everyone was on LSD/Shroom but later I found out they were all sober.

This one guy kept saying illogical and pretensiouly spiritual things to me and I felt like he was fucking with me. I noticed his sweatshirt (!!) had a scorpio patch, so I told him I am scorpio asked his sign. He ignored and kept talking about out space, etc. I was bored and picked up a bunch of stuff from the ground. I happened to pick up a knife and flipped open.

"Close it! you need to close it!"

The guy got real serious suddenly, got the knife away from me and threw it away.

I wonder if he though I was gonna stub him. (u___u) no..

When I looked around the room, I notice there's a futon about 4 feet high and an old guy was sleeping on it. The guru woke up after all the conversation.

"Hey, how are you? Did I wake you up?" I asked nicely.
"Oh, well... I was trying to sleep...but I couldn't. I wanted to sleep so when I wake up I don't know where I am."

I thought that's weird and told him when I fall asleep, I do because I know where I am and relaxed. And when I wake up, I know where I am.

The guru seemed very uncomfortable because that's true. He has never forgotten where he felt asleep. Especially, on the stupidly high-up futon.

"Can I come back?" I asked. and everyone except him was "NO!".

I should have told them not to fuck with a Zen-man but i just made a sad face and turned my back.

"You can come back, I can issue a ticket or something" said the old Guru.
"Really? cool! I wanna come back and wear the dress!"

He posed for a second and whispered

"Oh, I wish I could marry you."

"Why not? let's get married, don't wish, just do. That's how I roll."

He seemed sad to see me leave and waved his hand softly.

I got out from the sage-smoke-filled room and all I could think was chicken nuggets meal.


(For more tour dates, go to

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Collection of Empty Liquor Bottles

posted by on January 24 at 9:29 AM

#7 Solo Bar//Jan 19th//Seattle,WA

I flew back in town to have a closing party for my photo show.
Palmer AK played a short set. That was the first time I saw him playing.
I played a fun short set.
It made me nostalgic to think of pictures getting taken down soon. I
sang for not only audience members but also pictures. There was no
picture of cats or cars.

After the set, 2 nice gentlemen who are lawyers gave me kind words.
"You don't really know me but I love you, I love your music."
"Yeah, if you ever need a legal help, we would work for free."

One of them was a tax lawyer and the other one was a criminal lawyer.

Also, he said he will give me a ride from Sea Tac Airport.


#8 Greenhouse//Jan. 20th//Seattle,WA

Greenhouse is where Nathan, a bartender at the Showbox, lives.
He has a collection of empty liquor bottles.
He was dressing like a jesus and giving me drinks.
I told him "Jesus is serving me whisky, I feel like I am in heaven."

Paper Whales, Little Party and Bad Business, Generifus, and Seahouse
all played excellent sets and the show was easily the best house show
I have ever had.

After the show, Jesus gave me another whisky shot. Then I went to Cha
Cha to get more drinks.

I puked in a bathroom at my friend Julian's place. It has been a long
time since I did last time so I looked myself in the mirror and smiled.


#9 Halfway House//Jan 22nd//Richmond,VA

I had to transfer flights at Detroit airport.
I remembered the first visit to the states, I had a cup of Caramel
Macchiato at Starbucks and Florida's Natural orange juice. They tasted
so good that I thought I would live here to drink those 2 everyday.
Now, neither of them tastes good.
I am worried for cavities too.

The show in Richmond was supposed to happen at the Camel but it got
moved to the halfway house, a small 2 stories house in a quiet

This was the first show with my touring mate "The Vonneguts" from
Portland and we played in a tiny bedroom for 9 people.

"I am sorry your first Richmond show is small like this." someone said.

So I said "Now I play for bigger crowds in Seattle but I have played
for 3 people in the past. I have my own definition of party;if there's
more than 7 people excluding myself, there's a party happening. How
many people here...9...? yeah, there's definitely A party happening."

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cosmic Pizza vs French Toast

posted by on January 22 at 11:27 AM

#4 Someday Lounge//Jan 14th//Portland,OR

This show was amazing. Thanks for the Portland Mercury and their blog, there was a good crowd at the neat venue. Ah Holly Fam'ly and mattress played wonderfully and I felt like I was doing something wrong during my set.

I felt I am dirty. My songs are about sex, drug, and fake IDs. How dirty.
However, I can't change that suddenly, we just have to accept who we are.

Surprisingly enough, I sold about 15 CDs and Shirts.
That was the day received my debut album on Slender Means Society too.
I love the artwork by E-rock. It's such a pleasant feeling to have my music "looking" nice.
Next day, I had big french toasts and coffee with Matt Carlson.


#5 Cozmic Pizza//Jan 15th//Eugene,OR

Wow, this is the hippie town everyone is talking about.
They don't have plastic bags or Coca Cola.
They have brown paper bags and fake cola made of organic sugar.

The space reminded me of Trabant Chai Lounge in U-district Seattle.
They had a good pizza.
I played a fine set and met Chad, who sets up house shows. Next time, I will play a house in Eugene!

I went to Diablo's Downtown Lounge with Sho, Junior at U of O and had 2 beers.
It was Free Pool Tuesday Night, we played 10 games and he quickly got good at it.


#6 Hemlock Tavern//Jan 17th//San Francisco, CA

I took a 13 hour greyhound ride from Eugene at midnight.
In the early afternoon of Jan 16th, I met up with Clark who used to live in this Central District house "Holy Land".
We went to Casanova Lounge. I sat on a couch and felt something soft.

That was a black beret hat. Everyone there said it looks good on me, so I kept it.

Next day, I did an interview with Giant Robot.
They asked me who I think is the best guitarist, so I told them Roland Dyens is.
He is a classical guitar composer and he plays flawlessly.
"What about Yngwee Malmsteen?" they asked me back.
So I said he is pretty funny but not the best. Kind of like a cult leader.

Hemlock Tavern is on the border of a yuppie neighborhood and a sketchy crackhead neighborhood. I was told so. The show was with Jib Kidder and Beefy Cakes.
Although I liked their sets a lot, neither of them were satisfied with what they did.
A lot of kids were from Seattle and yelled after each song and I felt like I was being welcomed by the whole city.
All the girls who bought my CDs were really cute and it made me wanna move there.
I don't know cute girls are buying my CDs or the fact they are buying my CDs make them look attractive.

I asked a girl at the bar where I can party and she took me to a bar called Delirium in the mission district.
She paid for the cab so I bought 3 40s on our way to Clark's place.

Monday, January 21, 2008

PWRFL Power Tour Diary, pt. 1

posted by on January 21 at 12:00 PM


This is the first post of PWRFL POWER tour diary.
The tour started on Jan 11th and it's about 60 shows-long.
I've got a macbook to blog this, hope you enjoy reading what I am up to!


#1 Island Music Guild//Jan 11th//Bainbridge Island

I took the ferry to get to the island.
It was moving so quietly, I didn't know where I was.
At 6:15PM, I asked people around

"when does this ferry leave Seattle? we have been stuck here for like..40minutes!"

And they gave me a weird look and said

"We are already here, boy."

1st "B" island experience, yes.
Julia, a tall young girl with glasses, came to pick me up from the terminal.
There was a basket ball game at the same night and a lot of people chose the game over me. My balls were not big enough for kids, aw.
We indie musicians should know that, in small towns, basket ball games/dance parties/meetings at churches DIRECTLY affects the draw to your show.

I met Korum, Jherek (dead Science)'s brother and we ate cakes. Actually the show was very fun!


#2 Healthy Times Fun Club//Jan 12th//Seattle

Capitol Hill's coolest DIY venue HTFC! Shows here can't be bad, like no way!
Baby Cakes, the most awesome protagonist, the alskas, and Everett Trust all played delightful sets.

I decided to act a little angry/sad that night, that added a weird layer to my performance and I didn't sell that many CDs.
Experimentation is cool but looking pissed isn't mentally and financially. Lesson learned!


#3 Le Voyeur//Jan 13th//Olympia

I got into town on Greyhound. The city was cold and so was a music room at the Voyeur.
Conclusion first--There was no one and the venue has never been good.
3 Japanese kids showed up to see me. I felt real sorry for them because their PA system is beaten up like nothing else and the room was as cold as outside.

After the show I went to one of the kids, Yuki's House and drank Olympia beer.
We all slept there and next day, I found out a blanket I used has a lot of Elmo faces.

At Capital Music, I tried this parlor guitar made by Washburn.
$700 and totally worth it!
"I will be back from LA on monday, so call me." This owner guy gave me a card. I looked at it and his name was printed with big bold letters; ROBERT JOHNSON





Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Taking Years off Our Lives Or Keeping Us Young

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backstage%2C%20Baltimore.jpgBackstage, Baltimore

Here comes the 44-hour slow-down drive from Philadelphia to front door, punch drunk with a bog of ruminations and don't know where to start, don't know who's still asking. Got a few funny calls from the last one and kept them. Thanks. Wish I could've talked more in person because these entries are always full of post-deadline yip-yap and they probably weren't what you asked for. Sorry about that.

How can we turn this around? I could talk about the endless miles of fireworks and highway sex-shops in God's country, Country Buffet epithets, how we got sick and then set straight by boogie-woogie in the big bus with new friends, how we dropped calls, spent our minutes, slept face down on hardwood floors and wondered if it was taking years off our lives or keeping us young, how we gawked at the golden leaves croaking, pissed in the fog, ran our drunken beaks, apologized in mornings, swore off last calls, New York City with sun almost rising, low brows, maniacal beards--all wrapped up and exchanged for the promise of sexing our own sheets for two weeks before Bellingham, Boise, and into the snow. I could talk about this dead duck that's now over, traded in for new and dear friends, unforgettable...

But we could also talk about the show that hasn't happened yet with the Coconut Coolouts and the Thermals in our town, together. It's always important to have something to look forward to. Know what I mean? And if people thought our soft-rock waltz was a funny-fit with the BSS, just look at THAT marquee. But, if anything has become even clearer to me through these weeks, it's that any opportunity to spend a night with friends in music (especially if the bands you get to play with are making some of the best music around, period), you get right and get up for it. Gonna be a fun one. Can't wait. Sleep first.

Until then,
Arthur & Yu

Monday, November 12, 2007

Shaving the Mustache Was Bad Juju

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Blow-out: Off with a new tire and extended warranties, Sears waiting rooms, coffee-stained Field & Stream magazines, Buffalo, NY. Runny noses and snow in our mouths. A couple of shows that fell off with a thud, where instead of putting on the safety we would've been better off just shooting ourselves in the foot because there's at least some HUMOR in that. Know what I mean?

I don't believe in the end of the world and hopefully this is merely a funny freckle that you're supposed to keep an eye on, call it cute, or believe that maladies breed "character" and all's-well-that-ends-well. I told Mr. Howrey (bass player) that shaving his mustache after our first few shows would be bad juju and now I feel like I was only half joking. Gotta get out of the mojo vacuum. Heave-ho.

This is not meant to be a sad-sack letter to friends and strangers, so sorry if it sounds like it. We'll figure it out. The answer is blowing in the wind. What was the question? How is the tour going? Really, much better than it sounds. Got good friends at arms length and we get to open for a band that makes our heads wag every single night. But we could talk about more important stuff if you wanna. Feel free to call me at 291-4089 if you'd like more. Honestly. Hope things are going well for everybody.

Take care!

Your friends,
Arthur & Yu

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Coconut Coolouts Convoy

posted by on November 8 at 1:00 PM

Coconut Coolouts recently went out for a short tour and kept a diary of their adventures to share with us when they got home. Here it is, in all its barfing on walls, hanging out in tiki bars, fast-food gorging glory. Coconut Coolouts play Pony tonight with Partman Parthorse and PWRFL Power.


Tyvek, Nice Smile, Coconut Coolouts

Day One:
The first show was at the Funhouse in Seattle with Tyvek and Nice Smile.

Nothing super exciting happened until after the show when we all came back to Lacey and Ruben's and drank more beer, ordered a pizza, and made each other pass out by choking each other like teenagers.

Day Two:
We went downtown to pick up Ross on our way to Portland. We pulled up next to him on the street and he immediately turned around and began gazing into an empty storefront without noticing that we were there. When he finally saw us he said, "Should I load my instrument in the rear?" and we laughed and laughed. We head out down I-5 and made out first stop--the Red Lobster in Federal Way for all you can eat everything. I mean, what the hell, right? Let's celebrate in style! We arrived in Portland to find that Dunes was not open yet so we headed down the street to Jiggles Hot Java to kill some time until we could finally get into the club. At 8 pm we were allowed into the Dunes and were told to leave our shit in the van until time to play because the place was so small.


Pete and Lacey

Shortly after this it dawns on me that Popeye's is just down the street so Lacey heads over for a biscuit and some red beans and rice. Back at the Dunes everyone was still sitting around until 11pm when Nice Smile finally decided to play, after fruitlessly trying to tune the Bugs' drum. We play next and we're doing a pretty good job but everyone's spirits are crushed by a dude yelling about how the Bugs should play. Lacey, somewhat in amazement, ends up selling this guy a CD after we play and find out that he thought we were the Bugs--yeah! Spirits back up.


Greco Roman Dudes

After we played we all went over to the dojo next door and took photos of Ian, Ross, and Pete pulling out some questionable wrestling moves on each other. No one got hurt but it looked totally real. After we loaded up we all went back to JJ's to crash. Ruben ended this night just like last time we were on tour--on mushrooms, playing drums, and barfing on the wall at dawn.

Day Three:
We get up far too early the next morning (considering Ruben's post-psychedelic haze and our general disinterest in being conscious) to drive to Davis. Bagel sandwiches for breakfast, a brush-off of the Tyveks' attempts at riding in our far more comfortable van and we're on our way. Driving sucks. Lunch was Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, Subway and Del Taco. This is when the Amazing Barnanas' (Ian's) hind quarters start to go completely haywire. We manage to make our only Lacey-requested rest stop at a porta-potty outside of a shack in the mountains in central Oregon. Ian manages to take a dump in the porta-potty before Lacey can get inside. Pete thinks it's fine, arguing that "once it hits the blue stuff it evaporates." Lacey disagrees.

After a lot more driving and somehow making a wrong turn on I-5 we finally manage to find our way to Davis. Davis seems tranquil, with a hint of girls-gone-wild edge. We note our approval of this by rolling down the van windows and playing DJ Assault as loud as we can as we make our way past campus. After eating a bag of jellybeans, Dr. Nuckinfutz (Ross) compulsively screams "Yo Quiero Blow Jobs" out the window. We find our way to the club, a house turned into restaurant/venue called Delta of Venus. Parking is nice as it allows us to have a serious conversation--with the giant jug of Early Times that'd been waiting for us in the back of the van. The venue is packed already as Tyvek is huge in Davis and we're also playing with local favorites the Bananas. We play first. We are really, really good. Then some other stuff happens that I don't quite remember. The other bands are real good too, but I may have been drunk.

(Keep reading, there's more involving unicorns getting arrested, pineapples dressing like people, and Teen Wolf.)

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Heebee-Jeebees to Bee-Gees

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Seattle soft-rockers Arthur & Yu hit the road last week for a three-week U.S. tour opening for Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. We'll be posting dispatches from Grant Olsen (Arthur) and Sonya Westcott (Yu) as we receive them. Here are the first...

So far we've managed to avoid the Cracker Barrels and Waffle Houses on the way to Boulder, CO. After a pleasant stop in Boise and a very chilly night in Cheyenne, we were ready to play our first show—especially after I had assaulted everyone's ears with the soundtracks from Xanadu and Labyrinth.

Boulder is beautiful and we lucked out on great weather. Grant lived there before and he showed us around for a bit. Fortunately, we had some time to check out Boulder before we loaded in. Finally, we met Kevin Drew and crew for the very first time, and they seemed to be a very sweet bunch. Immediately we got down to the important subjects: Where can we eat in this town other than a burger joint? Who has tequila? And will there be a late night dance party after the show? Yes! I think we will become fast friends!

For not having played with each other for a couple of weeks, our first night went pretty well. Having family and friends in the crowd helped ease the nerves—or maybe magnified them. Whichever, it was fun. We have 12 more shows to look forward to!

Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew played a super great show. Even with fewer members, they sounded incredible. Faces were definitely melted. I'm still amazed that we're on this tour and lucky enough to watch them play night after night.

c30 c60 c90 go!


Hello Stranger,

I always feel better after the first show is done and the heebee-jeebees turn to bee-gees. As Sonya said, Boulder is old stomping grounds, which made it a big deal (personally) to play on the same stage I had watched old-whips like Lee Scratch Perry play when I was under 21. Boulder is full of friendly ghosts, one of which I made mention of before we played our song about Bull Lee--a different Lee--who lived a few doors down from the theater in the early '90s--a ridiculous and fitting place for a dirty old man to take residence. Regardless of what Dave Eggers wrote about William S. Burroughs in the forward to his book everyone went ga-ga for, he made his way into our song and I still think there's cause for trying to raise that ugly spirit from the dead on a dull day. It's yet to work, but maybe we'll give it another go in Chicago where I find myself right now, writing this dear-diary to who-knows-who, which brings me to another first: I'm just getting my feet wet in the blog pool, so I apologize if these are rough reads. I am a shit-nostalgist with ugly grammar and we'll see how it goes.

If I'm to reminisce on anything that has happened, I would tell you that we drove through the vagrant roads of eastern Colorado into Nebraska and as we sat down to eat at a restaurant full of Budwiser-Baptists, a group of a dozen transvestites took the table across from us and we were reminded that America is not just beautiful on the outside.

Yours truly,

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Speaker Speaker Video Diary #1

posted by on October 9 at 1:34 PM

Instead of writing a tour diary, the boys in Speaker Speaker (who are about four days into a month-long national tour) are keeping a video diary, which is really more a demonstration of what happens with three dudes are forced to live in a van together with a lot of down time and little sleep.

Here's installment one, sent to us from Denver, Colorado.

TacocaT Tour Diary Part Two: ’80s Night is On Friday

posted by on October 9 at 12:58 PM


BREE: Downtime. Everyone crashes in my grandparent's basement and wants to go to Disneyland. I borrow my brother Brian's employee pass and his friends' season passes and Tacocat impersonates them for the day since the pictures are so blurry.

LELAH: We watch the season finale of Rock of Love. The stripper lost. Then Disneyland. Eric was so frightened by the Tower of Terror, he grabbed the old man to his left.

BREE: I thought Heather should have won. I don't like Jess.

DAY FOUR: Adderall Nighter
EMILY: We arrive at Scolari's Office in San Diego where we are greeted by a trio of scuzzy grandpa hobo types and a toothless crackpot of a woman wearing a burgundy velvet bucket hat. Stepping out of the van to unload our equipment, the geezers ask if we are the strippers. Eric clarifies that HE's the stripper and lifts his shirt. Later, stoned and vaguely weirded out, I am approached by an old-timer who can only be described as the most sun-damaged human I've ever encountered. He introduces himself as a "singer/songwriter" who will be observing our show later to consider me for his upcoming Christmas compilation. He did not end up at our show after all, but something about the food crusted around his lips had already told me that. After loading in and briefly wondering if our light up tambourine was safe to leave in the bar, it's time to eat! Eric is set on a Mexican restaurant that is located "right around the corner." Two miles and countless false alarms later, we find it, eat delicious burritos and begin the trek back. We see the Cops when we get back and join them at a bar that was celebrating "Tiki Tuesday."


BREE: Tiki Tuesday at the Pink Elephant was kitty corner from Scolari's Office. At first we were enamored with the Hawaiian band playing sweet Tiki jams, but several pineapple vodka's and bucket sized margaritas later Emily gets into some sort of verbal altercation with the ukulele player. This part of the night is a bit of a blur, but I DO remember yelling and pointing. "It's Tiki night," says the sass mouth ukulele player over the mic, taking a look at Emily's palm tree ponytail and stripey socks. "80s night is on Fridays" DISS! Then we start some sort of competition with the "Angry Chicken" dance early on. It's the Chicken Dance, but serious. Lelah takes chicken dancing pretty far out later, but she says she doesn't remember.


The Chicken Dance.

EMILY: Our show was decent for the amount of alcohol involved. It's apparent the Cops are our new best friends-they made our show and after massive amounts of dancing we made theirs. Chicken Dance-offs and pineapple vodkas ruled the night!

BREE: I make a comment about David Icke at our show before our Reptile song. Once again, all the creepsters flock to Emily and get to corner her on a serious discussion about the Reptilian Agenda while I get off scott free. Ha ha ha. The Cops are super fun. Lelah gets a super fan named Bear Paw who buys some merch.


Lelah and Bear Paw.

LELAH: He corrects me that it's Bear Paw, not Bear Claw. He's not a doughnut.

BREE: He requests some XL shirts to be made next time around. Lelah seems to have developed a profound connection with Bear Paw.

DAY FIVE: Shark Bait
BREE: Driving. We stop in Malibu because Eric has some Egg salad sandwich he absolutely must have while he is down here. It were so so. But it's hot and we stop at the beach, have an amazing time swimming and then all of a sudden a fucking seal is swimming next to us! Fucking incredible! It was so cute. Eric swims away from the baby seal in fear, and our friend Adam loses his underwear in the turbulent surf and somehow puts them back on backwards. Me and the Roadie Rachel are on our periods and the song "Shark Bait" is briefly considered, but quickly thrown out. We drive to San Francisco and don't get there at 4 am. My friend Kallisa has an amazing super old house in the Mission District, which is nice to see after all the strip malls in LA. Lelah and Eric sleep in the van. The fucking Blue Angel's wake everyone up in the morning. Fuck the Blue Angels! I thought I was done with them for the year.

Click here to read TacocaT Tour Diary Part One: Is There a House Bong?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

TacocaT Tour Diary: Is There a House Bong?

posted by on October 2 at 4:30 PM



BREE: I'm so stoked that we are taking our first tour down the west coast, especially because I'm a sham of a bass player. Our drummer Lelah bought a $600 van on Craigslist for touring, but two days before we leave a forklift from the construction site next door knocks out the back window. They avoid our calls and threats about fixing it, so we duct tape a corkboard to it. Its really cold and windy to sit next to. Another thing to worry about is Eric is still on probation for a stupid drug felony he got at SXSW last year, so he's paranoid about smoking in the van. Bummer!


I had spent the afternoon silkscreening our band tshirts with Megan from Don't Stop Believin' Records. It has a dolphin on a walker, but the dolphin isn't crippled. It's just the only way it can walk on land. I also make several dozen pairs of cat ears as a cheap, gimmicky way to make some gas money since we don't have a record to sell yet. Ears sell like hotcakes. A bunch of bands tell me t-shirts sell way better than records. Isn't that weird?

Our first show is in Longview, which is an hour north of Portland and the hometown to Lelah and Eric. The show is at the Chinese Gardens, which was where we played our first show months and months ago, and one of the more welcoming spots for Tacocat. Everyone cheers for Emily's kazoo solos. I notice that she is getting better at kazooing.

(Overheard between two girls at last call: "That's where I know you!! You were crimping my hair while I went to the bathroom at Josh's party!!" Whoa.) Then as planned, we drive five fucking hours to Ashland. Eric works graveyard shift at the airport, so his vampire schedule accommodates night driving. He gets to stay sober and drive. Haha!

EMILY: Long drive! No sleep until Doug's. Bree and I snaggled the couch at 9 am. There are deer in the yard at 7 am and Bree is so tired--she distrusts them and is convinced they are aggressive. Deer. "Do they bite?" Later, Eric taps Bree on the ear until she forks over some grass. "Is there a house bong?" Eric would like to know.



BREE: So when we roll into Davis at like 8 pm, the only people at Delta of Venus is the bartender and the sound guy. This makes us pretty nervous. I try smoothing nerves out of Emily by insisting it will be neat, like a chance to practice our new songs. In front of strangers. In a strange city. We cash in drink tickets asap and begin slamming beers. Surprisingly, by the time we play, the place fills up suddenly and becomes our danceiest show ever.

The band the Cops from Seattle randomly stop by, and are all super nice dudes. They tell us they are playing down the block and that we should stop by since the crowd is kind of bizarre. When we get there it looks like a fratty breeding ground for human monsters. Girls in halter tops loudly make fun of our clothes, and a poor man's version of Linkin Park is opening. Cops are, not surprisingly, the only good band playing tonight; we have a drunken dance off to their set before we have to go catch up with Eric.

LELAH: We walked from B St. to G St. drinking our gas station purchase of "Go Girl" energy drinks on the way to see the Cops at the G Street Pub. We were greeted with a frat spectacle. Emily needed her birth certificate to get in. I told Bree she looked like an angel walking through a sea of demons. We walk back to B St. and Bree and Emily drunkenly push over and accost some fratties and steal their balloons. As we run away laughing they scream that they are going to "pillage our assholes."

BREE: The surprising turnout from our show earlier goads me to drunkenly inform the cashier at In-N-Out that we "totally killed it." Some kids that were at the show earlier sit by us and tell us they liked us, but we are too stoned and confused to make any sense in our conversation with them. We finish our burgers and drive to Sacramento to stay with our friends Heather and Andrew, who set up the show. They kindly donate the floor for the night.

LELAH: Eric and I play Yahtzee by the light of a cell phone. Worst game ever, but I won! Slept in the van. Not too bad. We have breakfast at the clown themed "Pancake Circus" and get an oil change. Six hours to LA.

Eric as a dinosaur.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Four Dudes on a 90-Degree Day

posted by on June 19 at 11:33 AM


Wednesday, June 13--Los Angeles

The four of us--Jumbo, Vurs, Shines, and myself--were just stuck in a 28-square foot elevator for 20 minutes. Not a good look for four dudes on a 90-degree day. The show must go on and right now they're recording a segment for NPR at the host's apartment. Upon entering the kitchen I discovered an interesting concert poster of a Digable Planets show at DV8 way back in February 1995, less than six months after the release of the group's second album Blowout Comb. And here's a fact most people don't know: Frontman Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler hails from Seattle's Garfield High School.


Friday, June 8, 2007

"Make the White Guy Do Most of the Driving"

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Lifesavas Jumbo the Garbageman gets a written warning from Florida Highway Patrol.

Saturday, May 26 - Washington, DC

Another great perk of travelling across the country comes when you get to reunite with people who you came up with. Lifesavas and Black Anger both come from the same true school generation of Pacific Northwest hiphop artists. In fact, the groups played on the same bill, along with Source Of Labor and Silent Lambs Project, back in 2000 at the Paradox as a farewell to Black Anger members Kindu and Sayeed moving back to Virginia.

Du and Sayeed made the four-hour round-trip from Richmond to catch the show, which served as a reunion of sorts. The brothers who together as Bedroom Produksionz notched the classic singles "S.E.L.F" and "Non-Fiction" have taken a break from music and focused on their respective families and community-building.

Though Sayeed's kids stayed home, Du brought his son, who seemed to have fun. By the end of the night he slept in his dad's arms after a long night of hip-hop. We gave our farewells and headed out to the telly for a minimal four hours of sleep before a 10-hour drive to Atlanta.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Inspiration Sneakin' Through the Back Door

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Friday, May 25 - NYC

Being involved so heavily in music, most DJs, MCs, and producers often get used to the presence of longtime idols and predecessors. On this night the Lifesavas definitely still had that enthusiastic awe for Don Blackman, a soul artist who would share the stage with them for "Long Letter." The song samples Blackman's "Since You've Been Away So Long" from his self-titled album that was never released by Arista/GRP. At the end of the song he gave pounds to Vurs, Jumbo, and Shines, showing his clear appreciation for their respect of his musical contributions.

Later that night I myself couldn't help but turn into a fan when Pete Rock hit the stage to DJ. He produced the unofficial hiphop anthem "T.R.O.Y." along with countless other classic albums and songs. Seeing such an inspiration sneak through the back door just feet away reminded me why I love music so much.

Judging from the amount of Japanese cats in the crowd taking pictures, I wasn't the only one in awe of the hiphop legend. Pete rocked it decently off strictly vinyl, added another dimension by getting on the mic like all NYC DJs do, and kept people movin'.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lifesavas Tour Diary: Evolution Happens

posted by on May 23 at 4:10 PM


This is the first installment of a tour diary written by Seattle's DJ Marc Sense, who's on the road with Portland luminaries Lifesavas--MCs Vursatyl and Jumbo and DJ Rev. Shines--for five weeks.

Six days into the tour ya boy is tired, but with plenty of stories to tell. You'l get an inside look at life on the road with Quannum recording artists Lifesavas, plus everything else associated with the tour. At the very least it should entertain and provide some distinct insight into four hiphop heads and their experiences.

Monday, May 14 - Minneapolis

Unquestionably, Rhymesayers runs the independent hiphop game in this era. To figure out why, you have to visit the crew's headquarters, which includes the record store Fifth Element, a basement warehouse, and offices upstairs. Economic efficiency at its best. But the real engine lies in the personnel that operate the grassroots company.

During Lifesavas' in-store performance, the likes of Slug of Atmosphere, Siddiq (Rhymesayers co-founder), Kevin Beacham (Scribble Jam organizer), and J-Bird (Rhymesayers vice president) all came down to check things out. That core group has worked together as crew for over seven years and as peers for much longer. Their loyalty to one another and the label's artists has pushed them to the top spot in the independent hiphop game.

Wednesday, May 16 - Chicago

J-Dilla's impact on hiphop music runs so deep. Lifesavas' good friend Ben took us out for a late dinner of tapas, which hit the spot. But as good as the food tasted, the guys lit up when we got back to his spot and they discovered his 500+ songs produced by Dilla, including many unreleased beat tapes. And when I say tapes, I mean literally cassettes with reels.

Shines mentioned that he had quite a few of them that had somehow gotten lost. So when Ben had some of those same beats it took Shines back to his brief stay in Connecticut in the late 1990s. One of the tracks sounded quite familiar to my ear, since One Be Lo had recorded a song over it. Even Vursatyl, whose main duty is rocking the mic, collects Dilla-produced vinyl.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ghengis Khan, Chaka Kite

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Bits and pieces from 10,000 miles plus. Head Like a Kite.

Trajectory of the vid:

Crabs, Melvins, the Nancies, Blue Oyster Cult, Barry Manilow, Peaches, Nutty Toffee Clusters, Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie, metal Zamphere drum whistling of Iron Maiden’s “Ghengis Khan” performed by Dave Einmo while driving, some sort of classical subway harmonica, and Frank Sinatra.

Watch out for MapQuest, when they say right, it means left. And to the person who stole our laptop in NY, the Trashies will find you, and they will trash you.

I was non plussed about the Nutty Toffee Clusters. They need to put some mazes on the back. Or a dot to dot. If I'm going to raid your cabinet for cereal, I need a maze.

Sleep is now. Bottomless.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Valley of Fire

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Cinco de Mayo, outside Las Vegas. There is a place called the Valley of Fire: a gas station that sells fireworks. They were giving away shots of tequilla next to the M-80's.

Have a frog leg and swallow the worm. Explode some shit, get lit, fill it up, and get back on the road. Todo el mundo en fuego. I can't believe the band didn't know any Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bottomless Pit

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3 weeks, driving constantly. 1 week left. Miles compile. Traffic is blood pressure. Passenger seat sleep is surface level dreaming and a Bottomless Pit. There are no other cars at night but ours:



I wake up falling
I'm in a bed but falling
A small clear ball filled
With fireflies
Floats above my head

Others are falling too

I see round clear plexiglass rooms
And planter boxes
People and angled structures
All falling

The firefly filled spheres
Are for as far as I can see
Above and below

Everyone and everything is falling
No one seems alarmed

* * * * * * * * * *


I used to imagine
In a bottomless pit
A society of falling people

If it was truly bottomless
They’d fall forever


I imagined the edge of the cliff
At surface level
Where families and cities of people
Waited to jump with all their belongings
As a center, a place where

People congregated
To enter, throwing
Their whole lives over the edge

Beds with mahogany headboards, ovens
Showers, fireplaces, lamps, and desks
Exercise equipment, pianos
Acre size plots of soil

Rooms arranged as they were before
Upright, but falling
Everything arranged but falling
What would you need to fall forever?

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Old School Destrution

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This note from Lawrence, KS.

Thanks to Oscar and the Boo and Boo Too house.

Dude, you gotta be able to spell your own band name.


Gears of Destrution

A one man Industrial band is looking
for band members. I'm a keyboard
player. I have a triton synth, I can play
various styles of music, been playing for
about 11 yrs. I make Industrial music
that has influences from from prog and black
metal. If you don't like Skinny Puppy or
your not familiar with modern Industrial or
old school Industrial, don't waste my time.

I'm looking for a guitar player who can
throw down some simple power chord riffs,
Ministry + fear Factory, NIN, for Example and
A drummer. I already have songs and can make
more. if you have a band already and need a keyboard
player let me know. but it has to industrial or be
really, really hardcore. I can do death metal vocals and
Industrial vocals and scream like Danny Filth. check out my
songs at (
+ at ( + E-mail
me at (

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mickey Reds - Iditarod Shaker

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Live from Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia, PA, it's Mickey Reds.

Mickey plays tambourine and shaker in a band called the Tressels. He drinks, falls over, plows sound, and gets nasty. He's the Ozzfest of tambourine players. He's an Evil Knievel of intake and movement.

He takes the shaker to another level. The drummer also yuked at the start of the first song, but I missed it.

Long live the Tressels:

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Adrian Belew on Fire in the Cleveland Library

posted by on April 28 at 5:44 PM

Underneath Beachland Ballroom last night in Cleveland before our set, two bands played simultaneously in the two rooms above. In one, The Bears, featuring legendary avante guitar player, Adrian Belew. In the other, The Library is on Fire, featuring, The Library is on Fire.


Adrian Belew, of King Crimson, David Bowie, Zappa, and Nine Inch Nails.

I could hear both bands equally. Sounded like civil war with Belew technicolor shredding solos drifting in and out. Horrible cacophony with solid guitar work.

Fore a four minute stretch though, one of Belew’s abstract solos fit exactly within the garage mud of a Library on Fire song. The time signature, the key, the tone. Like they were playing together. I couldn't believe it. A live mash up.

After the Bears set, Belew got me to help him try to fix his computer. He was having email problems and started telling me all his passwords.

His passwords aren’t half as interesting as his solos.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ray, You Done Me Real Wrong

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At a truck stop outside Philadelphia doing laundry. There's a masseuse and a bunch of "terrorist attack" video games. These men don't drink light beer. Jacked up, dip spit, diesel fumes, and fishing magazines.  

Had some bad spinach in NY at a place called Ray's. Something within my body battles. Real bad. Haven't eaten anything in twp days but Pepto tablets and half a crunchy peanut butter Cliff bar. Thinking about food makes me sick. The shitter is a land mine.  

Feel weak. The equipment gets heavier and heavier to lift and load. Had a show in DC at the Black Cat. I intermitantly slept and shat until start time. Played okay, didn't have to run to the bathroom. Hope I'm on the mend. Philadelphia tonight.

I'm never eating spinach again.

Friday, April 20, 2007

SS Carlucci

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, NY. All night pizzeria, and there he was, Carlucci. With his Pangea chops. Unfathomable, tectonic chops. He had more hair in one of his chops than most people grow on their whole body in a lifetime. Carlucci, one layed low smooth and fuzzy motherfucker.

He plays bricks, sticks, shoes, and skateboards in a noise collective called, Infinity SS. Carlucci.

Session drum sounds heard at Ground Control Studio from Blake Fleming, the original drummer of Mars Volta. The ‘arena jazz octo beast.’

Carlucci. The word takes you away, like a man who drives formula one cars and has cognac named after him.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slather the Buffalo Musk

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North Dakota to Minneapolis. 1,700 miles in. Music is the highway drive.


Listened to new Modest Mouse, Roots, Quasimoto, Clinic, Pelican, Califone, and new Trans Am.

Someone told me the new Modest Mouse was too poppy. Too poppy? I heard a lot of the brawling Brock raucous with his rants and yells. Man, their high end is crystal. Bright guitars. Really like “Little Hotel.” Too poppy, I don’t think so.

Pelican, JZ. I’m in the beak. The Fire in Our Throats will Beckon the Thaw. “Autumn into Winter” is the track. Good for scrolling tires through open plains. Sounds like Mark Koslik playing with Metallica. Guitars tuned down. Sections wash the dive and fight. Post rock, instrumental metal.


I thought it would be funny to put on the Jovan Musk for Dave. I selected my favorite cologne. The close, van proximity, you know, to see what he'd say. The stuff is completely disgusting. I frikking reek. Seriously, who actually puts this shit on? Buffalo are charging the van. I had to take Pepto Bismol. It's like Scotch Guard.

The new Trans Am, Sex Change, is unbelievable. Can’t stop listening to it. More instrumental mortar. They wrote, recorded, and mixed it in 3 weeks? In New Zealand, Brooklyn, and San Francisco. The drummer, Sebastian Thomson is sick. Sounds are sick. The 16th beats weave an anvil. I see gyroscopes on fire. Get on the dance floor and engulf. Really wish I could have seen them in Seattle. So tight. There’s some LCD in there, and some Sea & Cake. But it’s Trans Am, unmistakably.

Track 9, “Tesco v. Sainsburys”, is the one. A cycled tom roll is sustained and pounded with bass. Keys flare. The pattern is locked and crushes. Inside the piston is a scene - a cheetah moves on a kill in chase going 60 mph. The rudder tail cat thinks meat and leaps.

(Drummer, Sebastian, actually is vegan though. Man, it doesn't sound like it. Sounds like the dude eats tons of meat. But his cheeta's a hervbivore. It thinks tofu and leaps. No one goes hungry in his den.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Montana Tundra - Spirit Trashie

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davesnow.jpgI’m Eastbound I 90 - 94. Billings, MT to North Dakota. Head Like a Kite is on the road for a month. 1st day here of a straight shot drive to New York. Mileage of the initial phasing through altitude sees wine snow cones, phones, and Super Dave.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Trashies. They are true dominance. That, is how you tour. I dedicate this tour to the Trashies and the swath of their giant naugahyde blitzkrieg. Please, Obi Won Trashie, be the atlas of my eastward seek. The asphalt grinder files me down. The enzymes of the highway tar slice me by. Help. I must emerge and swivel. I know I can be more Trashie.

Slept passenger seat and had a half dream about the Trashies. They were teaching an etiquette class. Except it was the opposite of etiquette. They were teaching how to be un-mannerly, rude, and messed up. The singer from Bare Naked Ladies was there taking a penmanship lesson, but he kept writing too neatly.

His cursive was all perfectly swirled and neat. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t write messy. The Trashies were screaming at him and haranguing him and making him do pushups. “This W is way too flowing, and that ‘E’ looks like a Summer’s Eve commercial! You call that a ‘Z’?” His Z had some extra swirl they couldn’t get over.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beer, Corndogs, Emergen-C: The Trashies Tour Diary, the Final Installment

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trashies washington.jpg

Washington our home, wherever we may roam. It never looked so good.

The final week of tour is always the most bizarre as everyone has a pretty volatile combination of losing their minds, missing their friends, not wanting to go back to work, and needing to get sex. All of us were definitely feeling all of these things as we left New York on our way to a series of house shows on our way back west, and it showed.

Our first stop was Buffalo, NY, where it was colder than any of us had expected to encounter on this tour. Luckily the house we played and stayed at had great people, food, and heaters to keep our balls from freezing off. The folks we played with in Buffalo were also playing the same party we were the next day in Columbus, so we sort of caravaned down and made buddies along the way. After three weeks in close quarters with the same dudes it is pretty great to take a breather with some new friends, and Columbus was great for this. Right across the street from the Stink House (where are show was) there was a liquor store that provided us much ammunition for a living room love-in that really made us feel awesome. Whenever someone jumps off the trashcan to crowd surf and then comes back to drink spilled beer out of the top of it, you know something’s going right.

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Monday, April 2, 2007

On the Road in a Mystery Zone: The Trashies Tour Diary, Week Three

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Basement shows tend to unleash our spirit animals.

I am going to blow you away. I don't give a fuck about your brother, either, I'll blow his ass away after I blow your ass away, motherfucker. That's the theme of our third week of tour. From Chatanooga to New York, we got our assholes rocked by a jumble of crazy folks, crazy shows, and crazy parties. Chattanooga, Tennessee, much to our surprise, was filled with sympathetic scum who were out to party on a Tuesday night—apparently getting fucked up during the week is what the South is into. You can't get trashed every night when you're on tour--your body just won't put up with drinking 27 beers a night, bong rips, and seven hour drives everyday. Your shit will break. Luckily, we are able to get the occasional fifth of whiskey to split before we play, and Chatanooga was one of those nights.

Chatanooga knows how to party.

By the time we went on, we'd already played intense games of Frisbee, drawn marker masks on our faces, and told some local friends that we were going to blow their asses away if they didn't get us drunk later (by this time that was already a moot point). Somehow after the show we ended up at some crazy Southern Sparks and Thin Lizzy-fueled punk rock porch party that raged on until the wee hours of the AM. You know you're in a town you'll remember and love when an awesome topless dreadlocked hippy chick with her floppy pancakes hanging out who won't stop telling you "I'm a dyke, I eat pussy" wakes you up by blaring Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak while trying to figure out if she should kill her dog and eat it.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Animal Guts for the Dog to Eat: The Trashies Tour Diary, Week Two

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This is what freezers look like in hell.

In the dark of night we left Las Cruces, NM and headed for a hotel somewhere in West Texas so as to ease the brutal drive through that Horrordome of a state. All was well until around 1:00 am when we approached one of the fucked-up middle-of-the-road border patrol stations and got told that our van was going to be “randomly” searched for drugs by dogs. Obviously we were profiled as being dopers—a van full of tie-dye clad zoneheads from Washington with music equipment in the back is constantly suspect, and they were right to profile us as such because we were holding onto a few marijuana cigarettes. Needless to say we’re all shitting our pants. We didn’t have time to eat it, as any smart touring band should do, because we were all asleep except for the Wolfman, who was driving (never carry more than you can eat, or you’re fucked).

The border patrol dudes asked us if we had drugs and so we figured it’d be easiest to just give ‘em the stuff. It wasn’t much, and we thought they might just kick us in the ass and let us go. Instead we got fucked. There were four Adderall in the weed bag and we ended up having to sit in a cell, waiting for the sheriff who didn’t show ‘til three in the morning, and then took the Wolfman to jail for the pills after writing weed tickets to some of the rest of us. What a fucking nightmare. We had to go to the neighboring town, which probably had the most (too much) character of any place I’ve ever been. We got a $30 hotel with a door that didn’t close and slept until 8:30 am, when we went to the jail in hopes of this whole thing blowing over and getting straight to Austin (the only beacon of sanity in all of Texas) but we needed to get the Wolfman out of jail first. Little did we know we’d be in for trouble.

trashies hotel.jpg
This is the desert hellhole hotel we stayed at. Seriously, it's right out of the shining.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Get Trashed: The Trashies Tour, Week One

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(Local rockers the Trashies are currently on tour. So far their van has broken down, someone has been arrested, and they've taken some, uh, pills. They'll be checking in with us every couple of days or so, letting us know how it's going—it's sure to be hilarious. Here's installment number one of the Trashies' tour diary, a recap of the band's first week on the road.)

Here we are with Out of Order recordhead Heather Klinger just before leaving Davis post-van breakdown.

This tour has been a real pain in the ass to get together. Being on our fourth tour, we had a few contacts in some cities to help us book the shows, but we’re mostly going to new places on the East Coast and in the South so it’s really taken a shitload of planning. Not to mention the fact that we didn’t even have a van to tour in until two days before we hit the road, and we have a new record and two new 7”s that we had to get together right before we left... but nonetheless, it has begun!

It was really killer to see our friends Blackout Drunk in Seattle falling down at the Funhouse, haven’t done that in months. And the Unnatural Helpers destroyed with their new three-piece line up. Talk about shitrock, those guys murdered my mind with radicality.

Portland was pretty dynamite also. We were greeted by our former roadie who adorned us with many joints of skunkweed which, at the time, seemed radikiller but later would come to bite us straight in the asshole. When we got to the club it was a bit weird as a bunch of our parents and family showed up from our hometown of Longview, WA. They got to see us wasted while we spit fart sounds out of our instruments. I elected to not ask my mom what she thought of the show while she drunkenly blabbed about how much better we’d gotten at our instruments.

One thing that consistently sucks about Portland, though, is the day after—that fuckin’ 10-hour drive to the Bay Area that begins in the netherhours of the morning is always a crusher. We opted out this time and decided to drive to a buddy’s house in Ashland, Oregon after the Portland show. Unfortunately that’s still five hours, and when you leave at 2:30 AM in your van that, at this point, still has no stereo, you’ve got a lot of tired silent driving. Fortunately for us, our drummer is a robot driver and can be programmed to stay awake with trucker speed and sugar coffee.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Quoth the Raven Nevermore

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"Villains!" I shrieked, "Dissemble no more. I admit the deed -- tear up the planks! Here, here! -- It is the beating of his hideous heart." E. A. Poe - Tell Tale Heart

Charlottesville, VA. - Star Hill

Van ears sift - Wolf Eyes, Rachel's, and Matmos - The Civil War.

In 1826, Edgar Allan Poe attended The University of Virginia. Poe's room, number 13 on the West Range, is maintained by the Raven Society as a shrine to its former occupant. A glass door allows people to look inside and supposedly see the sparse furnishings as they were when Poe was there. Well, Poe had to leave the University of Virginia because he couldn't afford it. The University didn't want him. Now, the room where he lived is sanctified and on display. Now, they claim him and name things after him. Where was all their support and reverence for him back in the day? Seems like a crock to me.

The University of Virginia turned Poe away, and he went on to become one of the greatest writers of all time. How you like him now?


Poe writes:

Ye who read are still among the living; but I who write shall have long since gone my way into the region of shadows. For indeed strange things shall happen, and secret things be known, and many centuries shall pass away, ere these memorials be seen of those who find much to ponder upon in the characters here graven with a stylus of iron.


That night I dreamt Poe was wounded during the Civil War at the Battle of Bull Run. I sat by his hospital bed. A musket ball had ripped through Poe's leg. In the cramped sweated room were 12 other dying men. Gnats lapped wounds unswatted. Pre-anesthesia. A nurse put a piece of leather in Poe's mouth and pled with him to bight down. A doctor sawed off his leg. Poe shrieked in shock. Signature gangrene shriek. Moonshine didn't dull. A bead of sweat lingered off the sweet nurse's arm and dropped directly into Poe's blankened eye, blurring the sight of his own bone. Her voice coated him. And for that moment, Poe felt nothing at all.

Trent - out.

Head Like a Kite

Photo's: Dan Tyler.

Eye Button: Yoshimi Designs

Musket rifles: Adam Dieter